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“Blue’s Clues” goes “Woke”: Pride Song Introduces Toddlers To A Variety of Sexual Terms


We gotta find the first paw print                                                                                                                                                  That’s the first clue                                                                                                                                                                                  Put it in a notebook                                                                                                                                                                                  And now what do we do? 

Blue’s Clues!                                                                                                                                                                                              Blue’s Clues!

If those lyrics ring a bell, you’ve probably had or been around small children in the last couple of decades.

The TV show “Blue’s Clues” has been around since 1996, and its catchy songs and cute characters made it a favorite in our household during my kids’ “sippy cup” years.

Blue’s Clues epitomized to me the innocence of childhood. Steve and Blue were friends we invited into our home and together we solved puzzles, sang songs, and learned new things.

So it saddened me greatly to find out this week that another one of my favorite memories from the children’s childhood has been ruined by the ever-pervading sickness of “woke” culture.

This week, the reboot of “Blues Clues” now known as “Blue’s Clues and You” released a new song about “transgender and non-binary animals” sung by drag queen Nina West.

Here’s the song:

Looks innocent enough.

Until you start listening to the lyrics.

The song informs kids about the different kinds of families including non-binary, ace (asexual), bi, and pan families.

I don’t know about you, but I still don’t completely understand what some of these words mean. Why in the world would a 3-year-old need to?

This is how Healthline defines “non -binary:”

The term “nonbinary” can mean different things to different people. At its core, it’s used to describe someone whose gender identity isn’t exclusively male or female.

If someone tells you they’re nonbinary, it’s always important to ask what being nonbinary means to them. Some people who are nonbinary experience their gender as both male and female, and others experience their gender as neither male nor female.

Nonbinary can also be used as an umbrella term, encompassing many gender identities that don’t fit into the male-female binary.

Uhh … What???

And you want us to explain this to our 3-year-olds, how?



Why is the Left so bent on filling young minds with conversations that are hard enough for adults to have?

Do Leftist parents really want to explain to their kids -who still believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the stork – what a pan-sexual is?

If the excitement on Twitter over this song is to be believed, apparently, they do:

A well thought out op-ed in The Federalist explains the indoctrination like this:

This repetition and saturation strategy has clearly been deliberately used to normalize certain sexual behaviors and attitudes, both in children and adults. We’ve recently seen everything from a cross-dresser on “Sesame Street” to a gay wedding on PBS’s children’s show “Arthur.” LGBT consciousness is so pervasive that Americans think six times as many people are LGBT as actually identify so, and each successive generation exhibits higher rates of LGBT identification.

The problem is that these sexual behaviors and attitudes are not normal. They are dangerous.

In the first place, the only thing that sets LGBT people apart from others is their sexual behavior. Therefore, to talk about the “LGBT community” with preschoolers is to talk about sex. And not “sex” as in age-appropriate basic human biology — men have certain body parts, women have others, and together those parts can make babies — but R-rated sexual techniques like anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation.

If you think any such things are appropriate for discussion with a three-year-old, please let me know so I can make sure you never get near my children.

It is well-proven by both research and common sense that exposure to detailed sexual information harms pre-pubescent children. It is obvious by the very fact that their bodies have not made themselves ready for sexual activity yet that this is not the right age for such information. Early sexual exposure is therefore not surprisingly linked with self-harming and risky behaviors such as early sexual activity, susceptibility to sexual predators,  and porn addictions.

Pornography also drives extreme sexual behaviors like BDSM and transgenderism. It’s therefore no surprise that accustoming children (and adults) to our pornified culture, as all mass media like Snapchat now engage in routinely, results in earlier and weirder sexual behaviors becoming increasingly common.

Sexual acts, of course, are the final step of all this conditioning. Making children more sexually available to adults is a long process that starts with something that seems innocuous, like celebrating transgender and “nonbinary” “families” in the name of “love” while insisting people ignore that this kind of “love” involves sterilization, increased risk of heart attacks, higher risks of suicide, and genital amputation — as well as manufacturing the children for these “chosen families” in labs and with surrogates because these “families” can only reproduce through unnatural means.

In other words, this “Blue’s Clues” material is grooming, plain and simple. It is training children to be comfortable with things they should be uncomfortable with and remain unexposed to until puberty and following, for their own well-being. To allege otherwise is gaslighting.

Further evidence of this is the transgender activist response to a recent “60 Minutes” story highlighting numerous young people who regret experimenting with transgenderism, including irreversibly damaging themselves through hormones and surgery. These young people testified that media grooming of their psyches was a key component of being rushed into a devastating medical decision.

Such widely available testimony from many, many transgender regretters is further reinforced by an explosive 2018 Brown University study by a feminist researcher. It found strong evidence that social media grooming is a key component in fomenting and hardening youth gender dysphoria. That study concluded this grooming helps fuel the current transgender “social contagion.”

Transgender activists nevertheless insist that people set aside this kind of evidence, as well as plain common sense, to believe that psychological conditioning through media such as TV programming doesn’t affect children the way psychologists affirm in other contexts that they work to ensure it absolutely does.

To me, this constitutes child abuse.

And apparently, child abuse, in its most obvious form, was not something the creators of this song wanted to leave out either.

Some people on Twitter claim that the song has a MAP flag included in the cartoon.

For those who, like me, didn’t know- MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person. A nice word for Pedophile.

Apparently, they even have their own flag.

From Twitter:


As I write this, I confess, I am at a loss at even suggestions for solutions.

The”woke” is winning.

The wave is too high and coming too fast.

And I fear the children are going under.

So I observe and write.

And I hope that if I, and others like me, bring enough awareness to the issues – someone, somewhere, will be brave enough to find a way to stand up and protect them.


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