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Dr. Ben Carson Warns America To Become Venezuela 2.0: Here’s How To Protect Yourself!


Dr. Ben Carson in his latest Fox News interview discussed the sinister reality of Joe Biden’s new $6 trillion spending budget.

Carson started the interview by expressing that he was sad due to the fact the Biden administration massive budget is destroying the future generation of America and followed it by sharing a famous quote by Thomas Jefferson that states “it is immoral to steal from future generations”.

The neurosurgeon didn’t stop there and went on to say “‘It’s exactly what we are doing, creating mounds of amazing debt that somebody is going to have to do with”.

Dr. Carson is absolutely right, these trillions of dollars are going to have to come out of someone’s pocket!

He then explained how the Biden administration’s spending will cause America to tread the same path as socialist countries like Argentina and Venezuela.

The Daily Mail covered the interview and dropped these details:

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has claimed that President Joe Biden is leading the U.S. down the economic path of ‘Argentina or Venezuela’ with a record-setting budget and freewheeling monetary policy.

On Friday afternoon, hours before the holiday weekend started — a slot usually reserved for uncomfortable announcements to the press — Biden unveiled his $6 trillion budget proposal for next year.

This year’s projected deficit would set a new record of $3.7 trillion that would drop to $1.8 trillion next year – still almost double pre-pandemic levels. The national debt will soon breach $30 trillion after more than $5 trillion in already approved COVID-19 relief.

‘It’s almost as if we have read all the books and we have said, yes, we too want to have the same problems that Argentina had and that Venezuelan had, and all the countries who did the same thing had somehow we are going to be different,’ Carson said.

‘I don’t think we’re going to be different. We are smart enough, and I think the average American person knows we are creating a monstrous problem for ourselves,’ he added.

Fox News broke the story and released these details:

Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development secretary, sounded off Friday on “The Ingraham Angle” blasting President Biden for hurting the future of America’s children by creating mountains of debt and deficit while ushering in inflation.

DR. BEN CARSON, MD: The sad part to me, having spent my entire professional career as a pediatric neurosurgeon and being concerned about the welfare of children is seeing what we are doing to their future. These things can be done without consequences and it was Thomas Jefferson who said it is immoral to steal from future generations.

It’s exactly what we are doing, creating mounds of amazing debt that somebody is going to have to do with. Not only that, but currently, you look at the impact of flooding the system with money, but not having the equivalent abundance of services and goods — that automatically creates inflation, as Milton Friedman eloquently talked about.

It’s almost as if we have read all the books and we have said, yes, we too want to have the same problems that Argentina had and that Venezuelan had, and all the countries who did the same thing had somehow we are going to be different.

If you would like to watch Carson’s full interview, you can watch it here:

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