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Audits Turn Up the Pressure as Left Try to Shut Down Courts


One thing that Democrats don’t understand is that Republicans are not fans of going to court.

Despite what they believe, we don’t look forward to the countless hours spent filing motions, organizing transparent audits, and the host of other things taking place around the nation. 

However, conservatives know that the law gives them a legal recourse to ensure they get a fair shake. 

The lawsuits and audits have not been about overthrowing democracy but preserving its integrity. Yet, the Left has been relentless in its attempt to prevent that from happening. 

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published a story laying out the Left’s plan to shut down the courts. They want to destroy lawyers who try and propagate “The Big Lie.” 

Courts are weighing whether some of the failed legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election were frivolous or improper and warrant punishment for the lawyers who filed them.

Some Democratic governors and other state and local officials who were sued have filed motions asking the judges who heard the cases to impose sanctions on the plaintiffs’ lawyers, and in some instances the plaintiffs themselves. Some also have filed separate grievances with disciplinary bodies that can reprimand, suspend or disbar attorneys who violate their professional obligations.

The Left has such a rosy way of talking about how they are trying to rob Americans of their rights to due process.

For months, Democrats have labeled questions of election integrity as “a big lie.” Citizens that lacked confidence in the results were accused of being conspiracy theorists.


Democrats are trying to punish Americans for simply asking for fairness and integrity.

In Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, and other officials have asked U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in Detroit to punish Sidney Powell and other lawyers who sued the state in late November on behalf of six Republican voters, alleging that systemic fraud denied Mr. Trump a victory there. In December, the Obama-appointed judge ruled the lawyers lacked diligence in bringing claims based on “nothing but speculation and conjecture.”

The Left is trying to convince the public that these lawsuits are frivolous and not based on fact.

Thankfully patriots like Sidney Powell won’t take this lying down. They called out the persecution for what it is.

Ms. Powell’s legal team defended its Michigan lawsuit in a court brief, saying the sanctions requests “are not meant to preserve the integrity of the legal profession or to complain about repetitive and vexatious litigation. They are a new form of political retribution.

What is happening is, in fact, political retribution.

Democrats are seeking ways to discourage any opposition to the election results. They seem to ignore the last four years when they relentlessly tried to get Trump out of office.

Despite what it looks like on the surface, this is good news for conservative Americans.

The only reason the Left would try to shut down the courts is that they know solid legal arguments are getting ready to be presented.

Could this mean there is light at the end of the tunnel for Conservatives to see the re-emergence of President Donald J. Trump?


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