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Windham Audit May Have Fraud Implications For ALL of New Hampshire

An audit conducted in Windham, New Hampshire may reveal fraud statewide, as Democrats were shown to benefit from the discrepancies found.


One by one the truth will come out.

What started out as an audit in Arizona is slowly but surely spreading across the nation and Democrats have a lot to be scared of.

This time the evidence of their widespread fraud is coming out of Windham, New Hampshire.

According to sources each Republican candidate in the small New Hampshire town was shorted by about 300 votes.

The machines used were Accuvote machines, and not the Dominion machines we have become so accustomed to hearing about.

This may lead to a complete statewide audit being done because the discrepancies are major and they only seem to benefit one party: Democrats.

Here is more on the story:

Just The News reported: 

While the audit is focused solely on tiny Windham (estimated population: 14,853),  the results could have statewide repercussions, as the AccuVote machines used in the town are the only vote-counting machines approved for use in New Hampshire.

The goal of the audit is to review the 2020 election results in hopes of finding an explanation for significant discrepancies uncovered during a hand recount conducted in mid-November at the request of one of the Democratic candidates for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

According to the election night tally, Democratic candidate Kristi St. Laurent fell short of winning her seat by just 24 votes. But, after a hand recount conducted by the secretary of state on Nov. 12, St. Laurent's deficit widened significantly from 24 votes (.005%) to 420 votes (9.6%). The results of the race were unchanged, but the recount showed that each Republican on the slate had been shorted about 300 votes, and votes for St. Laurent had been overcounted by 99 votes.

Western Journal echoed the words of Just The News: 

So far, the audit has found that on one of the four machines used in the small town, the totals recorded for Democrats are in the general vicinity of totals counted for Republican candidates on the other machines.

The audit is scheduled to wrap up on May 27.

St. Laurent called the difference in votes a “bizarre and massive discrepancy,” according to Patch.

In a petition to the state Ballot Law Commission seeking a review of the ballots, she said, “Either the machines were programmed to reflect unwarranted adjustments in multiples of 100 to the totals of all Republicans and the top voter receiver among Democrats or a significant number of ballots were double-counted during the (recount) process.”

However, she noted, double-counting “doesn’t explain to any degree why my count would drop by 99.”


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