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The Left Demand Death Penalty For Police Officers and More Gun Violence


The left always overplays their hand when it comes to gun control. Like Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings, they can’t hide what’s really inside their cold dark hearts.

The narrative they repeat on mainstream media is “we need to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals.” Conservatives know this is a lie. 

Liberals are on a mission to disarm the voting populous. It’s about power. It’s about putting Americans in a position where they cannot stand up against oppression and tyranny. 

While this is nothing new, this piece from MSNBC reveals the sinister way they are trying to take guns out of American’s hands and imprison Americans to their ideology. 

Their plan: Remove the Death Penalty

On Tuesday, Atlanta’s recently elected district attorney, Fani Willis, announced that she would be seeking the death penalty and hate crimes penalty enhancements against Robert Aaron Long, the 22-year-old man charged in the Atlanta-area shootings at spas that left eight people dead, including six women of Asian descent.

In response to Atlanta seeking the death penalty for a man that shot and killed eight innocent Americans, the Left sided with the shooter.

Idiotic, but not surprising.

Liberals are a lot of things, but they aren’t ignorant. The Left understands precisely what they are doing when they ask to remove the death penalty, and it’s the opposite of what they tell the mainstream media.

Check out this tweet of MSNBC talking with Amnesty International about how the death penalty is racist.

The Left doesn’t think the Death Penalty is racist. It might be accurate, but it’s not why they are trying to force states to take it off the table.

Here’s proof. Have a look at these Twitter SJW’s screaming bloody murder about the police officer that tragically had a hand in the death of George Floyd.

Oh, look, this educated blue-haired liberal even included a spreadsheet in their tweet.

The truth is liberals DO NOT care about the death penalty. They only care about what removing it will do to America.

The Left wants to increase chaos and gun violence throughout the nation. It’s working.

Take Illinois, for example.

Don’t let the woke rose-colored glasses fool you. In the last ten years, IL, Chicago in particular, has descended into chaos. 2019 was one of the bloodiest summers in Chicago’s history.

In this blue state, the end of the death penalty meant criminals no longer had any fear of the consequences. If the worst thing that can happen is a paid extended stay at a prison, crime looks a lot more appealing.

What’s worse is that while fighting to empower criminals by taking the death penalty away, they are totally on board with police officers getting sent to the electric chair. (See tweets from earlier)

Liberals plan to give criminals free rein, to intensify their violence. At the same time, they want to persecute those that have sworn to keep us safe.

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All of this reveals the Left’s plan to destroy America. In a nation that protects criminals and demonizes its protectors, Americans will have no choice but to bow to the will of their oppressors.

As we go into the 2022 election season, the next few months will be very telling of whether America still has it in them to push back against this heinous plan.

Liberals can’t win if we pack the seat of power with elected officials that embrace the constitution.





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