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WATCH: Radical Left Demands Support for Palestine


Some of the most radical and woke Democrats are now demanding support for Palestine while at the same time calling to defund our police.

It appears Palestine and BLM are interconnected in the globalists’ agenda. 

We have a clip of the radical left’s message, which includes testimonies from Congresswoman Cori Bush, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Rep. Betty McCollum.

The message this group is sending, in their words, is one of “anti-war, anti-occupation, and anti-apartheid.” 

In the video, you can hear the leftists pleading that there is this ‘Israel military occupation that abuses and tortures Palestinian children and homes’. 

Radical Leftist Congresswoman Cori Bush, a new member of the “squad”, connected the fight for black lives with the fight for Palestinian liberation.

Check out the clip from Youtube below which calls for supporting Palestine and defunding our police:

Congresswoman Cori Bush also praised the Ferguson Palestinian BLM leader /terrorist who became infamous for chanting “death to the police” and “pigs in a blanket”. 

The NYPost had more on her radical support for Palestinian BLM activist Bassem Masri:

“I’m praying for your death and your death and your death and your death,” he [Marsi] reportedly said in one viral clip.

Marsi tweeted “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” after being arrested, which has been chanted and repeated by other police protestors.

“As a Palestinian, he was ready to resist, to rebel, to rise up with us as our St. Louis community mourned Mike Brown, Jr.’s state-sanctioned murder, and as we demanded an end to the militarized police occupation of our communities,” Bush said in her speech to lawmakers, according to the article.

“Palestinians know what state violence, militarized policing, and occupation of their communities look like.

“So when heavily militarized police forces showed up in Ferguson in 2014, Bassem and so many others of our St. Louis Palestinian community, our Palestinian siblings showed up too,” she reportedly continued.

While Congresswoman Bush is applauded by the left for her stance on BLM/Palestine, Trump supporters are simultaneously a national security threat in their eyes.

Are radial Democrats trying to change the narrative of Israel and Palestine?

Are they trying to change who Americans view as terrorists, too?

Seattle Times had more on the fiery Pro-Palestine speeches from the House floor:

With President Joe Biden in the White House, traditional U.S. support for Israel is hardly in question from a policy perspective; he has made his support for the country clear throughout his nearly 50 years in public life. Still, the terms of the debate are shifting in Democratic circles.

On Thursday, a group of leading progressive members of Congress offered a rare break from party unity, giving fiery speeches on the House floor that accused Biden of ignoring the plight of Palestinians and “taking the side of the occupation.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., directly challenged the president, who had asserted that Israel had a right to defend itself. “Do Palestinians have a right to survive?” she asked in an impassioned address. “Do we believe that? And if so, we have a responsibility to that as well.”

Less than 24 hours later, on Friday, nearly 150 prominent liberal advocacy organizations issued a joint statement calling for “solidarity with the Palestinian residents” and condemning “Israeli state violence” and “supremacy” in Jerusalem.

Because of Biden’s disgraceful silence, it sure seems like the radical Left is using this as an opportunity to try and sway the public and put pressure on Biden.

And although she wasn’t in the video above, Ilhan Omar naturally is campaigning the same message:

Coincidentally, global #DefendPalestine rallies have been popping up recently.

Who is organizing all these rallies? 

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It couldn’t be more clear that President Donald Trump brought peace to the Middle East, while Biden is bringing activism and war. 




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