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Do You Support The DEATH PENALTY For Treason? Here’s What You Told Me….


By the way, are you really gonna tell me that this picture ☝️ is not of someone who is demon-possessed?

That is NOT normal.


Ok, on with the story….

Earlier today I asked a very simple question:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support The Death Penalty For Treason? YES or NO

Seems pretty straightforward and you’d think the answer would be obvious, but I have heard from people who think it will “reflect badly” on Republicans or that it’s “not nice” …. so I had to ask and see what you all thought.

With over 3,000 people voting so far, the verdict is in and it’s a blowout:

That is kind of what I figured.

And here is some interesting insight into the 2.9% who said no, because a lot of them emailed me today to explain their vote.

Basically, most of the “no’s” were people who thought a quick death was too good for the treasonous traitors if treason were indeed proven!

One suggested they be forced to live in GITMO for the rest of their lives with a 24/7 live camera feed of their misery.

I thought that was creative.

Other people said life in prison, forced labor camps, thrown into a pool of alligators on Pay Per View (which I thought was a fun touch).

Only a handful or less wrote me to say they thought it wouldn’t be “kind” or that it would be bad PR.

So once again, you have restored my faith in humanity and in the red-blooded Americans that have always made this country great.

Thank you!


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