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Trevor Noah Implies that Israel is at Fault for Retaliating So Much


Remember the days when late night comedians used to actually perform, you know, comedy?

Now… it seems like “comedians” are really just mouthpieces for the left.

It’s impossible to turn into any comedy show without being lectured to about politics.

One of the favorites of millennials and generation Z is Trevor Noah.

Trevor is quite possibly the winner of the dumbest question of the week — if not the month.

Commenting on the bombs hitting Israel, Trevor Noah appeared to imply that Israel was at fault.


Because Israel was daring to fight back?

See the Trevor Noah clip below, which somehow has way more likes than dislikes on YouTube:

While Trevor Noah appears calm and rational, this is just part of his act.

Remember, Hollywood has mastered the art of production.

It appears that Trevor is coming across as balanced and objective, but he’s really just pushing a narrative.

See this truly insightful breakdown by Red State:

Sometimes you just have to wonder what goes on in the minds of liberals.

Take Trevor Noah, for example, who opined last night about what was now going on in Israel.

Now, most Americans get the concept of self-defense in Israel then responding to Hamas attacks and taking out Hamas targets.

But Noah seemed to have a problem with it.

From Daily Beast:

“If you start from ‘Israel fired rockets into Gaza,’ then Israel is the bad guy, because they’re bombing Gaza,” Noah explained. “But then you take a step back in time, and you go, ‘Well, but Hamas fired rockets at Israel.’ Then Hamas is the bad guy. But then you take a step back, and you go, ‘But the Israeli police went in and started beating people up in a mosque during Ramadan, the most holy time in the Muslim calendar.’ Well then, Israel is the bad guy.”

Noah queried whether, given Israel’s military superiority over Hamas, they should be taking a different approach from what they were doing.

“I just want to ask an honest question here,” Noah said. “If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how much should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?”

“Everyone has a different answer to the question, and I’m not trying to answer the question, nor do I think I’m smart enough to solve it. All I ask is, when you have this much power, what is your responsibility?”

Imagine how dumb this question truly is. Hamas is trying to kill the Israelis, firing rockets into Israel, hitting homes, hitting schools. So when a terrorist is dropping bombs on you to kill you, should you consider how to go easy on him because you have military superiority? Or should you wipe out the terrorists that are not only attacking you, but continuing to precipitate a war that has gone on for years?

It’s not an honest question, either. It’s an attack on Israel’s response, masked as an “intellectual question.”

So if a smaller person than me is stabbing me with a knife and I have a gun, I shouldn’t shoot the guy? It’s the same question. Just when you make it simpler without all his nonsense, you can see how dumb his question is.

Hamas is indiscriminately trying to kill women, children, and any Israeli that they can. The Israelis, on the other hand, are targeting Hamas terrorists in controlled strikes. If civilians are hurt, it is sometimes because Hamas uses them as human shields, not because the Israelis are targeting civilians. That’s on Hamas, not on the Israelis. But just let them kill some more Israelis because hey, Israelis have more weapons.

To emphasize how stupid Trevor Noah’s question is, we want to remind you about the #MeToo movement as well as #BlackLivesMatter.

During the #MeToo movement, we were told to never blame the victim.

Victim blaming is evil.

We were told the same thing about BLM.

So why is it ok to victim blame and victim shame Israel?

The bombs were launched towards Israel and they are simply defending themselves!

Is it that difficult for liberals to understand?!

You only need to go backwards 6 years to see tweets from Trevor Noah that many people claim are “anti-semitic.”

If Trevor Noah is actually anti-semitic, then his latest “insights” on the Israeli conflict make a lot more sense.

Here’s what CNN had to say about the 2015 controversy around Trevor:

Comedy Central is standing by Trevor Noah after he faced heavy criticism from the Internet community less than 24 hours after being named Jon Stewart’s replacement as host of “The Daily Show.”

Fans of the show scoured Noah’s Twitter to learn more about the comedian and found several “offensive” tweets he wrote about overweight women and Jews.

Noah responded to the backlash on Tuesday, via Twitter, saying: “To reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn’t land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian.”

Comedy Central defended the comedian as well, saying, “Trevor Noah pushes boundaries; he is provocative and spares no one, himself included.

“To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair. Trevor is a talented comedian with a bright future at Comedy Central.”

Comedy Central announced Monday that the 31-year-old South African with three appearances on “The Daily Show” under his belt would take over the show for Stewart, who told told his audience earlier this year that he would be stepping down as host. Noah, who has had a Twitter account since 2009, has a little more than 2 million followers and usually uses Twitter to promote comedy shows or share random observations.

Many Twitter users, including the Anti-Defamation League, have taken to the platform to show their distaste for his tweets.

We don’t know about you, but to us, it sounds as though the media and Hollywood establishment were trying to “cover up” for Trevor Noah.

They would have “canceled” a right-leaning comedian for saying half the things that Trevor Noah has said.

As President Trump would put it: Sad!


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