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Gas Officially Hits $7 in Virginia #ThanksBiden!


How’s Joe Biden’s economic recovery working out for you?

Just a few weeks ago, Biden gave a speech to a joint session of Congress where he bragged about his economy.

Well, just last night, gas his $6.99 a gallon in Virginia.

Today, those prices have increased above $7 per gallon.

Shortages and gas price hikes are happening in dozens of states right now.

As much as the Biden administration would like to blame the pipeline, the reality is that this attack happened under the watch of the Biden regime.

If this pipeline attack happened under President Trump, don’t you think the media and Democrat party would be all over it?

But because this is happening under Biden, they are covering up for his apparent economic and national security failures.

More details below:

This is not economic theory.

This is reality.

And it is hurting every day Americans whoa re already struggling financially!

According to local KMOV4 News:

A gas station in Richmond, Virginia was charging $6.99 per gallon of gasoline Tuesday afternoon.

Lether Kerney took a hit to the wallet when she unassumingly pulled up to the BP gas station on Williamsburg Road.

“I had half a tank of gas, so when it got to $25, I started looking to see what was going on. And after I got to $30, I was like, ‘oh my God! I spent $35.45 to fill up my tank. Six gallons of gas for $35. That’s absolutely ridiculous,” she recalled.

Kerney said when she pulled up the station, she was unaware gas was $5.99 per gallon and spent double what she usually would. “Usually, it’s under $3.00. This BP service station has always been the cheapest, and I didn’t even look at the price before I started pumping,” said Kerney.

Cha Cha lives blocks away from the gas station and said she watched as the price of gas climbed. “I live two blocks from here, and it was $4.99,” said Cha Cha. “So, then I drove up the road to get gas at a $2.99 gas station, came back through here, it was $5.99. And now it’s $6.59.”

Within a few minutes of Cha Cha’s statement, gas climbed to $6.99. “You can’t do that to people,” Cha Cha said.

After a WTVR reporter went inside the gas station, the sign was turned off and store officials said they were completely out of gas.

With the latest gas shortage, it is alarming that the Biden administration continues to attack the oil and gas industry.

Under President Trump, the United States was energy independent for the first time ever.

But under Biden, one single ransomware attack has resulted in major gas shortages and price hikes in half of the country.

Don’t be surprised if the media attempts to portray Biden as a “hero” during this crisis.

But keep in mind that Trump was in office for 4 years.

No such crisis or hack ever occured.

Biden hasn’t even been in the White House for half a year, and we’ve already seen one of the worst cybersecurity attacks in our nation’s history.

The New York Post confirms that Biden signed an order to increase cybersecurity, but this only comes after the attack:

President Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order intended to improve US cybersecurity after the hack of the Colonial Pipeline caused massive disruption to the US fuel market.

The order establishes a new multiagency Cybersecurity Safety Review Board to review incidents and mandates that federal systems log cybersecurity incidents and use multifactor authentication and stronger encryption.

The order also eliminates “any contractual barriers” to IT service provides informing the government of breaches and “requir[es] providers to share breach information that could impact Government networks,” according to a White House fact sheet.

The order also seeks to mandate new “baseline security standards for development of software sold to the government, including requiring developers to maintain greater visibility into their software and making security data publicly available,” the fact sheet says.

Although US government involvement with communications firms makes civil libertarians and some privacy-minded technologists uneasy, Biden administration officials insisted that the changes will benefit the public.

An administration official told reporters that the government’s establishment of baseline standards will improve the software that everyone uses.

“Right now, there’s no way to assess security in the market so there’s no way to say, you know, pay a little more to incentivize the market,” the official said.

The same official said that the new cybersecurity review board would start off with an initial assignment of investigating the recent SolarWinds hack that impacted government systems.

The review board will be housed at the Department of Homeland Security and co-chaired by the DHS secretary and a private sector leader, who will change for each incident review.

Government entities on the board will include the Justice Department, the Defense Department and the National Security Agency, which faced criticism for mass-collecting domestic communications records under secret court orders exposed in 2013.

New cyber standards, meanwhile, will be drafted by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

“CISA will be leading an effort to really solidify those details and define the rules and what needs to be shared for specific incidents, but it needs to be shared on specific timelines on a sliding scale based on the severity of the incident,” the official said.

The official said that although the executive order is being announced amid the pipeline fiasco, it has been in the works since “week two of the administration..”

The Colonial Pipeline, which carries fuel north from the Gulf Coast, reopened Wednesday evening after it was shut down over the weekend in response to the a ransomware hack. The impact worsened Tuesday and Wednesday as gas stations from Florida to Maryland sold out.

The national gas price average surged to a seven-year high due to the crisis.

While Joe Biden only responds to attacks, President Trump pro-actively avoided and fought off attacks.

President Trump created the Space Force, for example, to create an early lead for U.S. dominance in space.

President Trump also strengthened our military to prevent foreign attacks and to take on ISIS, which he completely destroyed.

Compare this to Biden, who is weak and cognitively struggling.

This will truly be a long four years.

But we look forward to President Trump’s comeback in the future!


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