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Biden’s Judicial Pick Doesn’t Actually Know the Law


When Biden took the presidency, he made lots of promises. It felt like a re-run of Oprah.

Fast forward a few months and most liberals are offended by how little Biden has done to make their dreams come true.

College debt still exists, the border wall is being built and Biden is siding with Israel in the current conflict. Joe is breaking the hearts of liberals everywhere.

Despite all of this betrayal, Biden is offering an olive branch.

According to an article posted on Bloomberg Law, Biden is in the process of making good on one promise. Judicial picks.

President Joe Biden nominated a diverse group of six federal district and circuit court judges, including three appeals court picks with experience as public defenders.

The nominees announced Wednesday are in line with Biden’s promise to select judges that would diversify the federal courts in terms of gender, race and ethnicity, and job experience. Five of the six intended picks are women, at least five are people of color.

If confirmed, the list includes what would be the second Hispanic judge to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Gustavo A. Gelpí; the second Black woman to serve on the Second Circuit, Eunice C. Lee; and the first American Indian federal judge in Washington State, Lauren J. King.

Biden promised to choose on three criteria; race, gender and job experience. Biden is qualifying judges based on the color of their skin and their anatomy.

When it comes to job experience, Joe can’t keep woke politics out of that either.

The inclusion of three circuit court picks with backgrounds as public defenders was cheered by progressives, who have been pushing for a diversity of experience on the bench. Just 1% of circuit court judges have spent the majority of their careers as public defenders or within a legal aid setting, according to a August 2020 Center for American Progress study.

It would seem Joe only wants nominees that have spent a lifetime defending accused criminals. The left want to pack the courts with Judges based on diversity, not on qualifications.

Proof can be found in the senate confirmation hearing of Deborah Boardman, one of Biden’s diversity picks.

Deborah tried to hide her ignorance of the law with a roundabout answer. Kind of like the student that didn’t study for the quiz. Keep in mind, this is not an obscure, antiquated legal concept. Law students learn about this by their second year.

Contrast this to President Trump’s picks. They were strong legal scholars with a deep understanding of the constitution.

Check out this video of Amy Coney Barrett being asked about the much more complicated Doctrine of Severability courtesy of Rumble.

The difference between Joes’ picks and President Trump’s selections could not be more different.

Judge Barrett not only knew the doctrine, but she also had a well-thought-out opinion on how it should be applied in the context of determining the constitutionality of modern-day legislation. It was so well done, Diane Feinstein said she was impressed. Diane is not impressed with anyone.

Trump’s picks had decades of experience interpreting the law, not trying to get people out from under legal accountability.

To appease the left, Biden has weakened the American judicial system. Unfortunately, it is the American people that will have to pay the price for Joe’s identity politics.

When the rule of law disintegrates, the electorate has no other recourse than to bow to the mercy of the government’s control.

The question is whether America will ever be able to return to promoting people based on the content of their character and the merits of their work instead of the color of their skin.

For a party that idolizes Martin Luther King Jr., no other political segment has done more to do the opposite of what he believed.

Interesting how the left celebrates MLK but doesn’t actually do what he said.



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