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BREAKING: Herd Immunity for Covid Unlikely, Says ‘Experts’


More vaccine propaganda popped up today from the lamestream media about America’s lack of herd immunity. 

In an effort to get vaccine-hesitant Americans to take the covid shot, ‘experts’ have come out and said that herd immunity is probably impossible to achieve. 

The reports say that even though over half of Americans have been vaccinated, vaccination rates are slipping daily. 

Many blame the lack of herd immunity on those skeptical of the covid vaccine, pinning Conservatives and Christians as the culprit. 

Check out this clip from Good Morning America where they blame the lack of herd immunity on those who will not get vaccinated:





Here is who Twitter is blaming for the lack of herd immunity:


Not getting the vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean vaccine-hesitancy; it is an example of “my body my choice” that the Democrats love to use when it fits their narrative.

Plus, humans have evolved to survive pandemics throughout all the years we’ve lived on Earth.

Also, many people already had covid before the mainstream media broke the news last year, so we may be closer to herd immunity than any ‘experts’ report. 

The NYTimes continued the propaganda, discussing how ‘vaccination is key’ to reaching herd immunity:

The endpoint has changed, but the most pressing challenge remains the same: persuading as many people as possible to get the shot.

Reaching a high level of immunity in the population “is not like winning a race,” Dr. Lipsitch said. “You have to then feed it. You have to keep vaccinating to stay above that threshold.”

Skepticism about the vaccines among many Americans and lack of access in some groups — homeless populations, migrant workers or some communities of color — make it a challenge to achieve that goal. Vaccine mandates would only make that stance worse, some experts believe.”

A better approach would be for a trusted figure to address the root cause of the hesitancy — fear, mistrust, misconceptions, ease of access or a desire for more information, said Mary Politi, an expert in health decision making and health communication at Washington University in St. Louis.

Apparently, using ‘trusted figures’ to address the causes of vaccine hesitancy is the better approach.

I’ll show you the facts, you decide.

Here is an example of some vaccine propaganda from ‘trusted figures’:

If you can bear to watch, here a clip from Biden discussing herd immunity and pleading to all to get the vaccine (skip to 1:38):

Do those ads make you want to take a covid vaccine?

Me neither!

The Left- with the help of the lamestream media- will continue to push their totalitarian regime while Biden is around, as they already have through the lockdowns, masks, and excessive vaccine propaganda. 

We have the right to decide how to keep ourselves healthy and not have government overreach.

By exerting my body my choice for this vaccine, we are saying NO to the Biden regime.


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