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Is This How The Deep State Pays Off The Swamp?

Theories about how the deep state pays off RINO's and other establishment actors include money laundering through large book deals.


I have been thinking about this one for a couple of weeks now.

Seriously, I was in Target recently, and as I passed their book section I could see all the political books and autobiographies front and center on their shelves.

My thoughts?

Who the hell reads these things? I consider myself an avid reader, and I have NEVER picked up a politician’s latest book.

Why are these people getting $1 million books deals for books no one is going to read? I passed by those shelves and they were all stocked to the brim… in no one is reading them.

No one ever buys these things, so $1 million seems a bit high, and this is exactly what certain reports are getting at: it’s a money laundering scheme.

A money laundering scheme which keeps RINO’s and the swamp alike well fed and moving along like clockwork.

Take a look:

Wayne Dupree uncovered the story: 

So, what did these three traitors get as a payout for their efforts?

Well, one Trump supporter thinks he’s figured it out.

Book deals.

It makes sense when you think about it.

How are all of these politicians and DC swampers making so much money? Well, one way is illegaly of course, but how do they show for it? With these million-dollar book deals.

It’s like one big money laundering scheme.

“You do this for us, and we’ll pay you with a huge book deal.” – and then the publishing house fronts them millions for a cruddy book that you never hear about again.

Things that make you go “hmmm” right?

The far left New York Times reported on the upcoming book deals: 

Things were already strained at Simon & Schuster.

After backing out of a deal with Senator Josh Hawley, a prominent supporter of former President Donald J. Trump, the company announced this month that it would publish two books by former Vice President Mike Pence. Dana Canedy, who joined Simon & Schuster as publisher last year, called Mr. Pence’s memoir “the definitive book on one of the most consequential presidencies in American history.” That’s when much of the staff erupted in protest.

On Monday, editors and other employees at Simon & Schuster delivered a petition to management demanding an end to the deal, with signatures from more than 200 employees and 3,500 outside supporters, including Simon & Schuster authors such as Jesmyn Ward and Scott Westerfeld.

Most were probably not aware that the company has also signed the former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, according to people familiar with the matter — a move that is sure to throw gas on the fire.


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