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Even Snopes Is Calling Out The MSM For Fake Biden Poll Numbers!

A CBS poll which found that 85% of respondents liked Joe Biden's speech was called out by Snopes as being misleading and or deceptive.


No surprise here!

We have been reporting on how the MSM and Dems have done everything they can to prop up Biden and his sham of a Presidency.

Now a CBS poll which found that a staggering 85% of viewers approved of his speech, but get this—only 160 out of 1000 people reportedly polled were Republican.

That seems like a pretty big slant to me, and anyone conducting any kind of scientific or statistical poll would tell you that this is a pretty skewed sample set.

What does everyone think Biden’s real poll numbers are? What percentage of people do you actually feel approved of the speech?

Read on, and let us know in the comments:

Left leaning Snopes called out the CBS poll: 

On April 29, 2021, the day after U.S. President Joe Biden delivered his first speech to a joint session of congress, a message started to circulate on social media claiming that 85% of Americans had approved of the president’s remarks:

We don’t know what percentage of Americans approved of Biden’s speech yet, but it likely wasn’t 85%.

This stat comes from a report by CBS News who reported that 85% of viewers, not Americans, approved of the speech. As the audience for Biden’s speech last night likely skewed to the left, this statistic does not represent “all Americans.” CBS News reported that 54% of the people who watched the speech were Democrats, 25% were independents, and 18% were Republicans. Of those people, 85% approved of the speech.

The National Pulse went more in depth: 

The full poll details reveal that CBS actually spoke with 10,420 U.S. adults and then whittled the sample size down to just 943.

Of this 943:

54% were Democrats (510 people)

25% were Independents (235 people)

18% were Republicans (169 people)

While the full cross-tabs have not been published, it is a safe assumption that these Democrat + Independent numbers add up to 79 percent of those polled, and this represents 93 percent of the 85 percent approval rate.

In other words, YouGov and CBS stacked their sample with leftists in order to create the result they wanted.


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