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The Deep State Is Coming After YOUR Free Speech

According to sources, certain journalists, and coalitions within government are pushing for more free speech restrictions masquerading as protecting society.


You know what I find rich?

The same people who can’t seem to shut up about authoritarianism, are themselves the most authoritarian people in this country.

Almost every single person I have ever seen railing against President Trump, and can’t seem to stop saying things like “democracy is dying” or how Trump is “an authoritarian dictator”, hates liberty.

Leftists just can’t seem to understand that THEY are the only authoritarian people here. This is why they see everything else as authoritarian.

The Nazi party was a leftist organization, The Communist Party of China is a leftist organization, and finally the government of The U.S.S.R. was also a leftist authoritarian regime.

Do I have to go on here?

I believe it was Dennis Prager who once pointed out that the left can’t survive in a free speech environment.

The only ways their horrible ideas can stand up for even five minutes, is if all the other ideas are silenced or censored.

Take a look:

Taken directly from an article by Applebaum in The Atlantic

In early January, while America was convulsed by a lurid crisis perpetrated by people who had absorbed paranoid conspiracy theories online, Pariser and Stroud hosted a virtual festival they described as a “dispatch from the future of digital public space.” Designers who build ad-free social media that don’t extract your data chatted with engineers who design apps that filter out harassment on Twitter. Even as men in paramilitary costumes posted pictures of themselves smashing up the Capitol, Pariser and Stroud were hosting discussions about how to build algorithms that favor online connection, empathy, and understanding, and how to design online communities that favor evidence, calm, and respect over disinformation, outrage, and vitriol. One of the festival speakers was Deb Roy, a former chief media scientist at Twitter, who is now a professor at MIT. In January, he launched a new center aimed at creating technology that fosters “constructive communication”—such as algorithms designed to overcome divides.

None of these initiatives will ever be “the new Facebook”—but that’s exactly the point. They are intended to solve specific problems, not to create another monolithic mega-platform. This is the heart of Pariser and Stroud’s vision, the one shared by Zuckerman and Tang. Just as John Reith once looked at radio as a way to re-create the “City-State of old,”

The Hill had more on the anti free speech developments: 

The group of moderate Democrats argues that additional action needs to be taken to prevent similar instances in the future and hold those responsible for the attack accountable, opting to officially endorse Rep. Brad Schneider’s (D-Ill.) Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act and Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s (D-Fla.) Security Clearance Improvement Act.

Murphy’s bill would bar those who took part in the riot and those who support QAnon — a sprawling conspiracy theory that centers around the baseless belief that former President Trump and his allies are working with the military to expose a shadowy cabal of elites who control U.S. politics and run child trafficking rings — from obtaining or maintaining a federal security clearance.

Murphy, a co-chairwoman of the coalition, argued that steps need to be taken to prevent conspiracy theories from infiltrating the government.


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