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Is Joe Biden Aware Of Plans To Oust Him?

Reports have been circulating for some time now, and they have all been echoing the same thing: a plan to replace Biden with Harris.


A LOT of people are talking……

Whispers here and there have all been echoing the same thing: President Harris may be on her way in, and Biden on his way out.

There sure has been this slow Kamala Creep reported in the news.

Big things like her taking front and center in diplomatic missions, and smaller things like the push to use the name: “Biden-Harris Administration.”

So, is it true? Could there be a massive plot to install Harris as the President?

Does Joe Even know any of this is going on around him?!

We have all seen him on the tele, and it’s not pretty. He seems to be slipping day by day, but I’ll leave the judgement of all that up to you.

Check it out:

The Wall Street Journal published this back in August of 2020: 

Former Vice President Joe Biden has united disparate factions of the Democratic Party behind a message of defeating President Trump and rebuilding from the coronavirus pandemic. The detente might not last past the Nov. 3 election, no matter who wins.

Mr. Biden won the nomination after resisting calls from more liberal candidates to create a Medicare-for-all health-care system, extend free public university tuition to everyone and overhaul the economy to eventually eliminate fossil fuels. Polls showed Mr. Biden benefiting from a primary electorate that cared most about defeating the president.

But progressives have seen a resurgence since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, ousting establishment Democrats in congressional primaries in Illinois, New York and Missouri. And they plan to heap pressure on Mr. Biden to implement liberal policies if he wins the presidency.

Interviews with Democratic lawmakers and strategists show that the internal battle over what the party stands for wasn’t resolved by Mr. Biden’s primary win—but merely postponed.

If the former vice president wins the White House, he will preside over the fight on how the party governs. If he loses, the party is likely to go through an extensive soul-searching process that will test the liberal-moderate divide.

Freedom First Network had this to say: 

When Joe Biden was installed as the Democratic nominee for president and subsequently installed into the Oval Office itself, I was under the assumption that he was fully aware (well, as aware as a man in his mental state can be) that he was just a placeholder for the Democrats. I assumed he knew that Kamala Harris was going to replace him at some point in the future, that he would be in there and do some things before fading away into retirement and, hopefully, treatment.

Now, I’m not so sure. His actions the last couple of weeks seemed to indicate that he’s not exactly “in the loop” when it comes to the Kamala bait-n-switch. It’s not like it would be difficult to hide it from him. One need only look at the White House priorities to realize they’re using him. The question is, does the “President” himself even know what’s happening around him?

Look at the latest image posts from the White House. Of the last 15, all of them included Kamala Harris in some form or fashion. Only four of them included Joe Biden.


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