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Re-Engineering America: The Rise Of The Totalitarian State

Reports from various sources indicate that many are weary of the current administration's policies, and fear that America is coming to an ugly end.


Do you think the country is coming to an end as we know it?

Lately there have been A LOT of people talking about this, and i’m not just saying it’s the talking heads in the media either.

I have met many people in my own private life who think this is the case.

The current administration wants to “re-engineer” America, and bring about a new wave of the welfare state.

Another new deal under a one party state. 

Unfortunately, we all know what happened the last time a new deal was passed. A massive welfare state, and a corrupt bureaucracy emerged on the scene.

Today Americans are plagued by high taxes, big incompetent government, and unconsitutional agencies that hunt them….like the IRS.

Even some Democrats have started to speak out against it, not many, but one or two.
Could this be the end for the greatest country in history?

Take a look:

Axios reported: 

President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America.

Why it matters ... The historians’ views were very much in sync with his own: It is time to go even bigger and faster than anyone expected. If that means chucking the filibuster and bipartisanship, so be it.   

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss told Axios FDR and LBJ may turn out to be the past century's closest analogues for the Biden era, "in terms of transforming the country in important ways in a short time."

Beschloss said the parallels include the New Deal economic relief that Franklin Roosevelt brought in 1933, which saved the country from the Depression and chaos.
And Biden is on track to leave the country in a different place, as Lyndon Johnson did with his Great Society programs.

Politico had this to report: 

Black civil rights leaders, voting rights advocates and elected officials are ramping up their lobbying of Senate Democrats to nix the filibuster, arguing that they can keep the rule in place or pass voting rights legislation, but not both.

In a half-dozen interviews, top officials framed the choice as existential for a party that depends on Black and brown voters — and they are planning pressure campaigns both privately and publicly to make that clear.

Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, said in an interview that he and others have begun talks to hold town halls and rallies in the home states of senators like Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who have said they opposed scrapping the filibuster.


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