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Biden Accidentally Admits He Will Re-Establish President TRUMP’S Border Policy As Crisis Worsens



Joe… if you were going to just recycle President Trump’s existing policies, then why did you run for office anyways?

Why give the American people a watered down version of what they want?

After creating the crisis on the southern border by REPEALING President Trump’s strict border policies, Joe Biden has accidentally admitted that he will RE-ESTABLISH President Trump’s existing border policies.

If that doesn’t disgust you, then it should.

Biden is trying to blame Trump for the problems that he is creating… then is using Trump’s own policies to fix them!

It’s disgusting!

But that’s the swamp for ya.

And make no mistake…

No matter what the Biden-Harris administration tries to claim, the crisis at the border IS getting worse.

Trending Politics has confirmed that Biden will begin recycling President Trump’s successful border policies:

After Joe Biden was installed in the White House in January, he immediately began to lay waste to dozens of Trump-era policies that put America first.

One of the effective policies he axed was Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which required migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims were processed. Now, just two months later, Biden is realizing how badly he screwed up.

While quickly speaking to reporters on Sunday, Biden said he would “re-establish what existed before”, which was this exact “Remain In Mexico” policy that worked so well under Trump.

“Why do you think the message to the migrants, telling them to stay home, don’t come now, why do you think that hasn’t resonated yet? What more can be done sir?” a reporter asked.

“A lot more. We’re in the process of doing it now, including making sure that we re-establish what existed before, which was they can stay in place and make their case from their home countries,” Biden responded.

You can watch Joe’s (verbal) slip-up below:

Listen closely…

It’s hard to hear because Joe sound muffled.

But he clearly says that he will “re-establish” the policies that were there before.


Newsbusters is now reporting that even MSNBC is acknowledging that the Biden-Harris administration is covering up the border crisis:

Question: How do you know things are really, really, bad at the border, and that the Biden administration is trying to cover it up? Answer: When even Yamiche Alcindor admits it.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, it was PBS/MSNBC’s Yamiche Alcindor, a normally-dependable Democrat supporter and Trump critic, describing children who are “crying and terrified” and “not let out for sunlight for days at a time.” Alcindor stated that the Biden administration is preventing reporters from viewing the detention facilities or doing “ride-alongs” with border patrols, as was allowed under Trump.

Interviewed by Willie Geist, Alcindor began by echoing the White House line that they are “scrambling” to improve conditions. But she went on to acknowledge that even if the problem was “handed” to the Biden administration, it’s now “happening on their watch.”

Geist handled matters fairly, pointing out:

“If it had been the Trump administration, we’d be rightly outraged that they were blacking out information on a very important story. So does this suggest that they have something to hide at the border?”

NBC reporter Julia Ainsley has written about the restrictions the Biden administration has placed on what border agents can share with the media.

Also a guest in the segment, Ainsley confirmed Alcindor’s take about the bad conditions and the way the Biden administration is attempting to stifle reporting on it. Beyond the denial of access to facilities or for ride-alongs, Ainsley mentioned that the children “oftentimes don’t even have a bed, [and] the lights are kept on 24 hours a day.”

Ainsley also reported something perhaps even more ominous:

“We also understand that people who crunch those numbers that I just gave you, they have been given recent orders not to leak because they don’t want more of this information out there.”

Joe returning to Trump’s policies means that he must understand that his policies are failing, even if he is not admitting them publicly.

And this raises the question, then why are you president, Joe?

Why are you recycling Trump’s original ideas and policies instead of using your own?

That’s the question, indeed…


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