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Is It Time For The GOP To Finally Have Pelosi Removed As Speaker Of The House?

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs has called for a motion to have Speaker Pelosi removed as Speaker of The House in the past, but can it be realized?


Who here would LOVE to see this?

I know I would.

Representative Biggs once called for a motion to have Nancy Pelosi removed from her post as Speaker of The House, she is out of control and needs to go.

We really need to bring this back, it is high time that Pelosi is removed from her position as The Speaker of the House.

Here is what I want: a full impeachment, and then jail time!

Pelosi represents the epitome of D.C. corruption and swamp-like behavior.

She won’t get rid of the fences, she held Americans hostage for MONTHS, just for political gain.
She needs to go.

Can anyone name a single good thing she has done in office?

Seriously, just one good thing.

Take a look:

USA Today reported: 

Fences are supposed to make good neighbors, but the security fence around the Capitol – and its possible replacement with movable barriers – has brought House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nothing but grief.

Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized the chain-link fence topped with razor wire as a “fortress” after it was erected around the Capitol after the Jan. 6 riot that left five people dead.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., posted a video Monday on Twitter featuring her walking around the fencing, which she called “Fort Pelosi,” and urging its removal.

“It’s time to cut the crap and remember this is the people’s House,” Boebert said. “Madam Speaker, tear down this wall.”

Republicans picked up the theme of criticizing Democrats for supporting a fence around the Capitol while opposing construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., said Boebert’s video exposed Democratic hypocrisy.

Fox News showcased the opinion peice by Rep.Biggs in September of 2020: 

Isn’t it past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House? I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor.

Pelosi recently referred to members of Congress who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.”

Rep. Nunes: Pelosi had to have been getting her hair done over the last 6 monthsVideo
Of course, that type of hyperbole has become commonplace among the left and is ever present under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership.

The left hates President Trump and the Americans who voted for him. In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.


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