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Biden Lies About Trump’s COVID-19 Response In His Address To The Nation


Thomas Jefferson once said, “honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”.

Well, it looks like Joe Biden lacks wisdom.

In Biden’s recent primetime address he stated that “a year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked. Denials for days, weeks, then months, that led to more deaths”.

What a big lie!

While the Democrats put all their focus on Trump’s first impeachment trial, President Trump created a Coronavirus taskforce and restricted flights from China coming in and from the United States.

Biden at the time called Trump’s flight restrictions to and from China xenophobic.

How ridiculous is that!

The Washington Times covered Biden’s address and shared these details:

A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked. Denials for days, weeks, then months, that led to more deaths,” President Biden said in his first address to the nation Thursday night.

Outright lies.

On Jan. 6, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), under the guidance of then-President Trump, issued a travel notice for Wuhan, China, due to the spreading coronavirus. On Jan. 20, the day the Chinese finally admitted the virus could be transmitted through the air, the U.S. announced they were already working on developing a vaccination.

On Jan. 29, Mr. Trump formed a coronavirus task force at the White House and two days later declared a public health emergency and restricted travel to and from China.

Perhaps Mr. Biden wasn’t paying attention at the time – Democrats after all were obsessed with impeaching Mr. Trump.

Breitbart News also covered these story:

President Joe Biden addressed the nation from the White House for the first time on Thursday night to mark the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus shutdown that was announced by then-President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Biden began by suggesting Trump was to blame: “A year ago, we were hit with a virus, that was met with silence. It spread unchecked. Denials for days, weeks, then months. That led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness.”

But by March 11, 2020, President Trump had already taken many decisive actions against the coronavirus. And while he was wrong when he suggested that the pandemic would be over quickly, and admitted downplaying its impact so people would not panic, Trump was never silent about COVID-19, nor did he deny that it posed serious risks to Americans’ public health.

The only “silence” was from Congress, where Democrats were busy impeaching Trump, wasting precious weeks on politics:

Everything that President Trump did is wrong in the eyes of Biden and Democrats.

Sometimes in life, you must give credit where credit is due, no matter what your opinion is of that person.


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