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WATCH: Biden Drops The N-Word, Dementia, Or Racism?

In a recent speech Joe Biden had trouble with his words once again, but could this be due to his long and troubled past, or to cognitive decline? You Decide.


What does everyone think?

Is Joe Racist, or is the dementia just getting worse?

I will post the full youtube video below, make sure you go to the 15:30 mark, that is where you can hear it in context, maybe even start it at 15:25.

Aside from the fact that he just dropped The N-Word, he made a complete word salad yet again! The sentence does not make sense at all.

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So, what does everyone think? Racism, Dementia, maybe both?

Check out these reports, and let us know in the comments section:  

New York Magazine had this to say about past Biden behavior: 

Joe Biden was for desegregating America’s schools, until his constituents were against it. When the Delaware Democrat launched his first campaign for the Senate in 1972, the Supreme Court had just ruled that the Constitution required policymakers to pursue “the greatest possible degree of actual desegregation” — and that forcing white students to attend schools in black neighborhoods, and vice versa, was a legitimate means of doing so. Being an enlightened liberal, Biden began his candidacy as an advocate for such policies. He accused Republicans of demagoguing the busing issue, and appealing to white voters’ ugliest instincts.

But as his campaign progressed, and Biden discerned that the arc of history was bending toward white backlash, the young candidate bent with it. He became a caricature of a white northern liberal — arguing that forced busing was appropriate for the South (where segregation was the product of racist laws), but unnecessary for the North (where, Biden pretended, it merely reflected the preferences of the white and black communities).

Once in the Senate, Biden continued to triangulate, voting for most, though not all, f the anti-busing amendments that came before him. But for his overwhelmingly white constituents, nothing less than massive resistance to busing would suffice. The New Castle County Neighborhood Schools Association booed Biden off the stage at one event in 1974. One year later, the Delaware senator broke ranks with northern liberals— and joined his virulently racist North Carolina colleague Jesse Helms in voting to kneecap all federal efforts to integrate schools, anywhere in the country. Specifically, Biden voted to bar the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare from requiring schools to provide information on the racial makeup of their student bodies — thereby making it nigh-impossible for Uncle Sam to withhold federal funds from school districts that refused to integrate.

Trending Politics reported on his latest gaffe: 

During a speech to the Virtual Munich Security Conference, President Joe Biden suffered his worst gaffe to date when he accidentally said the “N” word. The slip up was so bad that even the closed captioning picked it up.

“I’m either to hear, I’m eager to hear. (pause) Ni**er to hear, next from my good friends, and outstanding leaders, sanser(??) Merkel about her thoughts on the way forward together…” Biden said.


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