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Donald Trump Jr. Releases New Video: “The Witch Hunt Never Ends”


Donald Trump Jr. absolutely sounded off on the witch hunt that’s taking place against his dad.

In a new video uploaded to Rumble, Don Jr. let his opinion be known on the Supreme Court’s latest decision to allow New York’s DA to have access to President Trump’s taxes.

Don Jr. was quoted saying “if they can do this to the President of The United States. Who can’t they do it to”.

He’s absolutely right but he didn’t stop there, he also voiced his concern on the state of New York using millions of dollars in court fees just to find nothing.

As enthusiastic as always, here’s Donald Trump Jr. explaining how the witch hunt never ends:


OANN covered both President Trump and Don Jr’s comments on the Supreme Court’s recent decision:

President Trump called the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow the release of his tax returns “continuing political persecution.” In a statement on Monday, he said the decision is “Democrat-inspired.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. also blasted the court’s decision as another witch hunt against his father.

“The Supreme Court said you cant harass a sitting President, but now that he’s out I guess you can harass him all you want,” stated Donald Jr. “…This doesn’t reek of the American justice system, this sounds like China, where you can politically persecute your enemies even if you have nothing.”

The Independent covered Don Jr’s video too:

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Donald Trump Jr, has criticized the state of New York and the Supreme Court for refusing a request from Donald Trump to stop prosecutors from seeking his personal and corporate tax returns.

In a post to the conservative video platform Rumble, the 43-year-old called the decision on Monday a “witch hunt”, and referred to prosecutors as “the people’s republic of New York”.

“The BS never ends,” said Trump Jr in the four minute-long video. “The political persecution of my father continues on, because a grossly partisan district attorney in New York finally got the Supreme Court to agree with their witch hunt”.

“This wouldn’t fly if a conservative attorney did this to a liberal politician,” continued Trump Jr. “People would lose their minds — but living in the people’s republic of New York they can get away with it, because there is no check balance. They know they’ll probably get a favourable judge and a jury that hates Donald Trump.”

Don Jr. couldn’t be more right the far-left will go after anyone who puts America first or anyone who stands up against the establishment.

That’s why they’ve been trying to take down President Trump because he’s doing both.


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