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Watch This Lockdown Enforcer ‘Bust a Move’ After Helping Shut Down California Brewery


Folks, I don’t know who needs to hear this.

But these so-called “health inspectors” are drunk with power.

These people will literally dance on your graves.

And laugh about ruining your livelihood.

Do they care about us feeding our families?

Do they care about us earning a living to stay out of poverty?

No, they don’t.

Health Department officials in many parts of America have abused their authority which they shouldn’t have held in the first place.

And this footage of a LA County Health Inspector dancing after shutting down a brewery perfectly symbolizes the tyrannical lockdowns.

Check it out:

And she was wrong enforcing the health department’s own policies.

Go figure.

This lady may be inside a brewery, but POWER is the only thing she’s drunk on.

I truly mean what I said…..

These people will dance on your graves.

While struggling business owners have faced dystopian rules for nearly 1 year now, health inspector despots “just doing their job” are frolicking in their newfound authority.

If enough people don’t wake up and put their foot down, this will continue.

And only us, the American People, can put an end to it.

Daily Mail had more background on the story:

A Los Angeles County health inspector was captured on video dancing inside a brewery after incorrectly ordering the owner to close his doors on Super Bowl Sunday for violating COVID guidelines.

Bart Avery, an owner of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California, told Fox News that the inspector came to the establishment around 11am on February 7.

Avery claimed the inspector told an employee that the business was in violation of county guidelines because there was no food truck and needed to close just moments before she broke out in a dance.

In the video, she is seen tapping her foot and clapping her hands while inside Bravery Brewery.

Seconds later, the inspector throws her arms out as she continues to dance and sway from side-to-side.

It’s unclear if a song was playing while she was dancing.

Avery told Fox News that he has no idea why the inspector felt compelled to dance, especially since she had ordered them to close.

He said ‘the perception really sucks,’ because his business has been ‘decimated financially’.

To make matters worse, the inspector turned out to be wrong and Bravery Brewery was not in violation of any county codes.

Because the brewery was only pouring draft beer to go, they did not need a food truck to operate.

According to Avery, the inspector later admitted that there had been a mistake and that business there could resume.

The next day, one of the inspector’s bosses also called Avery to apologize.

Los Angeles County loosened restrictions on restaurants late last month. Restaurants were allowed to reopen on January 29 for outdoor dining with occupancy limits and masking requirements for all staff.



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