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4 Million Texans Without Power As Wind Turbines Freeze #GreenNewDeal


Negative 1 degree Fahrenheit.

That’s the temperature in some parts of Texas.


How’s that global warming working out for you?

And as though -1 degree isn’t enough, there is ice and snow blanketing most of the state.

To make matters worse, approximately 4 MILLION Texans have been without power for most of the day.


Partly because the wind turbines FROZE in the ice!

So… how’s that “green new deal” looking to you right now?

Initially, the state did “rolling blackouts” to try to keep the power on.

But demand was so high… and the wind turbines were frozen… so the entire system ended up CRASHING.


If this is the future that AOC has in store for us with her Green New Deal, COUNT. US. OUT!

More details on this nightmare scenario below:

Naturally, the media is trying to claim that this has nothing to do with the frozen wind turbines.

Democrats are also panicking about the “attacks” on the Green New Deal.

But let’s cut through the rhetoric.

Let’s cut through the propaganda.

Here’s information directly from Texas itself, as reported by the Austin American-Statesman:

Nearly half of Texas’ installed wind power generation capacity has been offline because of frozen wind turbines in West Texas, according to Texas grid operators.

Wind farms across the state generate up to a combined 25,100 megawatts of energy. But unusually moist winter conditions in West Texas brought on by the weekend’s freezing rain and historically low temperatures have iced many of those wind turbines to a halt.

As of Sunday morning, those iced turbines comprise 12,000 megawatts of Texas’ installed wind generation capacity, although those West Texas turbines don’t typically spin to their full generation capacity this time of year.

Fortunately for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the state’s electric grid, the storm’s gusty winds are spinning the state’s unfrozen coastal turbines at a higher rate than expected, helping to offset some of the power generation losses because of the icy conditions.

“This is a unique winter storm that’s more widespread with lots of moisture in West Texas, where there’s a lot of times not a lot of moisture,” said Dan Woodfin, Senior Director of System Operations for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. “It’s certainly more than what we would typically assume.”

Wind power has been the fastest-growing source of energy in Texas’ power grid. In 2015 winder power generation supplied 11% of Texas’ energy grid. Last year it supplied 23% and overtook coal as the system’s second-largest source of energy after natural gas.

In Austin, wind power supplies roughly 19% of the city’s energy demands, all of which is passed from producers to consumers across the state grid. The city began adding several megawatts of wind energy capacity to its renewable energy portfolio in the 1990s from both West Texas and Gulf Coast wind farms.

The frozen turbines come as low temperatures strain the state’s power grid and force operators to call for immediate statewide conservation efforts, like unplugging non-essential appliances, turning down residential heaters and minimize use of electric lighting.

In other words…


The frozen wind turbines deserve *part* or *some* of the blame.

Don’t let the Democrats or the media (what’s the difference, really?) tell you otherwise!

It’s so bad in Texas that people are leaving their homes!

That’s right… people are leaving their homes to stay warm!

Instead, they’re going into their cars, which are powered by gasoline!

Local CBS 7 News confirms that people are using their cars to stay warm:

With thousands of residents still without power across the Permian Basin, people are preparing for the worst, and that often begins with a trip to the gas station.

“We were told it’s a rolling electrical, blackout thing, but I don’t see any rolling going on,” said Odessa resident Treasure Thaggard.

Thaggard can’t go back home. Her apartment hasn’t had power since just after midnight on Monday.

“It’s already really cold in my apartment,” she said.

Thaggard felt that left her with just one option.

“I decided I better get some gas, so I can stay in my pickup if I need to,” she said.

She’s not alone. Several people told CBS7 they planned on sleeping in their cars tonight if power isn’t restored.

“I talked to a friend of mine who lives on the west side of town,” Thaggard said. “And he just went and filled up with diesel so he could stay in his truck also.”

Yet finding gas wasn’t easy. Numerous stations are victims of the power outages, and the few open stations quickly filled up, and some had pumps that froze. But for people like Thaggard, the search was worth it to make sure they had somewhere warm and secure to sleep. Most of all, she just wants this cold spell to be over.

If you are using your car to stay warm, remember to open your garage to let the carbon monoxide out.

There have been reports of multiple people (even families) dying of carbon monoxide poisoning because they slept in their cars with the garage closed.

This is a tragic situation.

Please be safe!


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