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President Trump Was RIGHT, ALL Of It Was RIGHT!

A recent article by Time Magazine has many asking questions, as the allegations we have all been making for months are reported to be true by the MSM.


I am a conspiracy theorist and so are all of you.

I am also a white supremacist who just could not get over Trump losing, so is everyone reading this post.

I cling to The Bible and a gun in a small tool shed with all the other people who support President Trump.

We are a bunch of illiterate fools who cling to a con artist that peddles anything to get himself ahead.

These are the narratives the MSM painted about ALL of us for the last several months, but just a couple of days ago something wild happened…..they actually told the truth!

By now, many of us have read the explosive report published in Time Magazine; If you have not then please give it a read it’s pretty jaw-dropping.

I did a report on it the day it came out, but now we all have to sit back and ask ourselves: where do we go from here?

The MSM is now gleefully reporting on this stuff, and according to their own reports: “they did it for our own good.”


What makes this whole thing even worse is that the cultural Marxism brought to this country 100 years ago is now coming to a head.

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The behavior reported in Time Magazine is EXACTLY what Gramsci was talking about when he wrote down his ideas on how to force leninism on the people.

We can’t let this go guys and girls. People have lost their livelihoods….people have been labeled as pariahs, racists, white supremacists, right-wing radicals, and every other name in the book over this.

WE told the truth! The American people, and the great patriots in this country stood up for what we KNEW to be right, and they dragged us through the mud while commiting massive fraud.

We can’t let this go, so where do we go from here?

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