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MSNBC Host Wants to Drone Strike Trump Supporters to “Fight Domestic Terrorism”


I couldn’t believe my ears when listening to this.

We all know MSDNC hates Trump supporters and have no qualms resorting to violence.

But openly calling to drone strike Trump supporters?

That’s pure insanity and an incitement of violence on live TV.

Here’s the footage of MSDNC’s Nicole Wallace if you don’t believe me:

Well, the Fake News Media didn’t have any issues when Obama did thousands of drone strikes in the Middle East.

They certainly wouldn’t have an issue with Biden drone striking American citizens.

These people are pure evil.

Crying wolf about wanting to stop violence while advocating for the most vicious physical attacks to literally kill those with differing opinions.

Sadly, MSDNC’s viewers will eat up this garbage like a happy meal.

NOQ Report commented on MSDNC’s blatant incitement of violence:

The gaslighting against those who believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen continues over two weeks after Joe Biden was inaugurated. They want us to believe anyone who does not abide by the prescribed narrative is a potential domestic terrorist, and that includes President Trump.

In an awkward attempt at asking a single question, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace reminded us all that wrongthink is wrong. “There is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism carried out in the ideology and around this belief that the election was fraudulent, that the COVID restrictions are unnecessary, all of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump.”


She then proceed to remind us that terrorists were hit by drone strikes following 9/11 for the sake of rooting out terrorism. If you’re wondering where she’s going with this, just wait.

“We had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years and under the Obama years, attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing” terrorists abroad through drone strikes.

This all seemed like a combination of a “journalist” struggling to properly express a question and an outright call for drone strikes against Americans. But that wasn’t really it. The analogy was awkward, but Wallace’s target wasn’t the so-called “domestic terrorists.” Her target was President Trump, as she made clear when she finally got around to asking an actual question.

“Mitch McConnell was in the Senate then,” Wallace repeated. “He was in the Senate after 9/11 too. How does Mitch McConnell, who understands that the way you root out terrorism is to take on, in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those who incite it, how does he not vote to convict someone he said on the floor of the Senate incited insurrection?”

The question was finally framed as an attempt to logically argue McConnell should vote to prosecute in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. But in doing so, she made a clear comparison between radical Islamic terrorists who McConnell supported killing through drone strikes and President Trump. Does she even know what she was implying?

Nicole Wallace said terrorists were killed for inciting insurrection, then noted in the same sentence that Mitch McConnell said President Trump incited insurrection. Do you see how MSNBC wants their viewers to think?


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