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Attorney Lin Wood Fires Back At Georgia State Bar On Psych Evaluation

According to reports the Georgia state bar has told Mr.Wood that if he wants to keep his license he must undergo a mental health evaluation.


Lin Wood is being persecuted for political crimes.

That is what is going on here. The man did nothing more than express his own opinion, and defend a client who had every right to seek counsel.

You’re telling me he needs a mental health evaluation for that?

Our country is in for some DARK times if this is the precedent we set as a nation.

According to reports the Georgia state bar is threatening that if Lin Wood does not get a mental health evaluation he may lose his license to practice law in the state of Georgia.  

I ask the state bar of Georgia, what was this man’s crime?

What did he do wrong?

Here are the latest reports:  

The Gateway Pundit reported: 

Lin Wood is now communicating to his supporters on Telegram. On Thursday Wood told his followers the State Bar of Georgia wants him to undergo a mental health exam.
This is a tactic taken from any tyrannical regime’s playbook.
The Iranian Ayatollahs are especially good at this.

Look for this to be the norm on the left in the coming months and years in their escalating attacks on conservative Americans.

The State Bar of Georgia told highly successful and outspoken Attorney Lin Wood to undergo a mental health examination this week if he wanted to keep his law license in the state.

On Friday Attorney Lin Wood told the Georgia Bar to pound sand.
He will not take a mental health exam over his support for President Trump.

AJC also reported: 

The State Bar of Georgia acknowledged Friday it is investigating two complaints against Wood and has ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Wood recently called for the execution of former Vice President Mike Pence and accused other officials, including U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts, of conspiring to cheat former President Donald Trump out of a second term, among other alleged transgressions.

“It will violate my First Amendment right to free speech,” said Wood, who has characterized his public statements as rhetorical hyperbole. “And if they do that and this harms me, then I will strongly consider suing them, and it will be a significant lawsuit.”


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