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Mike Lindell Update: “I Delivered Evidence To President Trump That He Won 79M to 68M!”


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We all saw Mike Lindell visit the White House yesterday….

And today we just got the scoop about why, and what was discussed!

In a new interview with Right Side Broadcasting (that was immediately deleted by YouTube after uploading), Mike Lindell breaks down his whole meeting.

He explains what happened, some of the nefarious gatekeepers he interacted with, and the evidence he brought to President Trump.

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Lindell claims he brought it all, internet records with IP addresses and the full documentation that proves President Trump won big….to the tune of  and exact final count of 79 Million votes for President Trump and 68 Million votes for Joe Biden.

Honestly, even that seems like more votes than I would have expected for Sleepy Joe, but it would be more than enough to easily hand President Trump a landslide win.

Listen as Lindell (a great American patriot) explains how it all went down:

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