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Harvard Removes Rep. Stefanik from Institute of Politics for Mentioning Voter Fraud


Well, we’ve come full circle, haven’t we?

Anyone who has been following the news knows that “cancel culture” began in universities.

“Snowflakes” on college campuses would cancel speakers and professors who didn’t share their views.

Now it appears that universities themselves are participating in cancel culture.

It’s a shame that one of the most prestigious universities has decided to join.

Harvard has removed Republican Representative Stefanik from the Institute of Politics.


Because she was commenting on voter fraud.

That’s right.

A place that is supposedly about higher education and the exchange of ideas (a university) has banned the exchange of ideas…

Especially when it comes to election transparency and integrity.

In any other year, this move would have created a public outcry.

But it appears that the media has brainwashed many people into thinking that cancel culture is justified.

Fox News confirms:

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik’s getting the boot from the Harvard Institute of Politics.

The school announced Tuesday that the four-term congresswoman from upstate New York and strong supporter of President Trump was removed from its Senior Advisory Committee in the wake of last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol due to her “public assertions about voter fraud in November’s presidential election that have no basis in evidence.”

“She has made public statements about court actions related to the election that are incorrect,” Harvard Kennedy School Dean Douglas Elmendorf added in a letter. “Moreover, these assertions and statements do not reflect policy disagreements but bear on the foundations of the electoral process through which this country’s leaders are chosen.”

Stefanik joined nearly 150 fellow House Republicans in supporting Trump’s unsuccessful push to reverse his presidential election defeat at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden. Their votes came after the storming of the Capitol hours earlier on Wednesday by supporters of the president who were encouraged by Trump to march to the Capitol and show strength as they protested congressional certification of the election.

Elmendorf said in his letter that the school originally asked Stefanik to resign from the committee, and when she declined, “I told her that I would therefore remove her from the IOP’s Senior Advisory Committee at this time.”

Fortunately, Representative Stefanik has fired back.

She is not taking this lying down.

She released a statement on Twitter.

OAN has more insight on Stefanik’s fiery response:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) fired back after being expelled from the Senior Advisory Committee of Harvard’s Institute for Politics for commenting on voter fraud.

In an interview on Friday, Stefanik slammed the left for stifling discourse and free speech, citing government censorship and the intolerance for opinion diversity.

She went on to respond to her removal in a tweet on Tuesday, describing the school as “cowering” to the “woke far left.”

The congresswoman criticized the move as a “march toward a monoculture of like-minded, intolerant liberal views,” which could signal America’s loss of identity.

“The pressure that the cultural left is exerting, whether it’s through the Big Tech censorship or the cancellation of millions and millions of social media accounts, or the cancellation in wiping Parler off of Apple, that is not who we are as America,” Stefanik explained.

This raises the question…

If election fraud in the 2020 presidential election is undeniably proven and widely accepted in the future, will Harvard re-instate Representative Stefanik?

And if so, will they issue a public apology?

Time will tell!


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