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For Once In His Life Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Has Spoken The Truth

The Twitter CEO admits the error he made after a laundry list of world leaders has condemned the censorship of President Trump from social media sites.


What a great day! 

Jack Dorsey has actually said something true, but hold your applause. 

It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that censorship of free speech is an extremely slippery slope. Freedom of speech is not about the freedom to tell everyone you love ice cream. 

Freedom of speech exists for the express purpose of saying controversial things; it is about saying things that other people do not like…….that is why it needs explicit protection. 

Dorsey has come to his senses and realized this, but after what? 

After most world leaders condemned the actions of tech giants? Had Dorsey gotten the approval of the global community this would be a very different article I tell ya. 

Should we be cheering for Dorsey right now? Absolutely not. His reasoning is that he should have been censoring free speech from day one.

He does not see censoring free speech as the issue, he sees his lack of policing as the issue that has led to The President being blocked from his site. 

In other words he just wants more censorship……unbelievable Jack; you had a chance to redeem yourself here, instead you chose to show just how committed you are to big tech censorship. 

Take a look:     

The Red State Observer had more on the story: 

As my colleague Nick Arama reported in her article, Dorsey posted a long series of tweets to his website detailing and defending his position on banning the sitting President from the platform.

Dorsey waxed tragic on the decision, making it seem like he was sad to do it but that doing so was absolutely necessary to the health of the country.

“I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter, or how we got here. After a clear warning we’d take this action, we made a decision with the best information we had based on threats to physical safety both on and off Twitter,” Dorsey tweeted.

“Was this correct? I believe this was the right decision for Twitter,” he continued. “We faced an extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety. Offline harm as a result of online speech is demonstrably real, and what drives our policy and enforcement above all.”

However, during the course of his noble Twitter thread on being forced to take action, he let slip one little nugget of actual common sense. He realizes that by banning Trump he’s opened up Pandora’s box.

The New York Post also reported: 

CEO Jack Dorsey admits that Twitter made “a mistake” in censoring The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. It’s a start.

“We recognize it as a mistake that we made, both in terms of the intention of the policy and also the enforcement action of not allowing people to share it publicly or privately,” Dorsey confessed at Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

But he was still playing games, saying the move was “corrected” within “24 hours” — when Twitter actually kept The Post’s account locked for two full weeks.

Dorsey says Twitter isn't a publisher during Senate hearing
Twitter demanded The Post delete its initial tweets on our Hunter Biden reporting before it would unlock the account, even after letting everyone else on Twitter share those stories. The company finally gave in after we refused to bend the knee.


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