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Pelosi Is Picking Chinese Communist Collaborator Eric Swalwell For Her Impeachment Panel Of YOUR President

In an extremely bold move Nancy Pelosi is appointing a disgraced and compromised Eric Swalwell to her ranks.


Swalwell should be the one on trial here……

The disgraced congressman entered into an intimate affair with a Chinese Communist spy who was targeting kindred hearts in The American Marxist party.

Now he is being handpicked by Pelosi to do her bidding…..unbelievable!

Can it really get any more disgusting? Can these ‘Democrats’ be any more obvious? They might as well renounce their American citizenship and buy penthouses in Beijing. 

Check it out:   

The Gateway Pundit had more: 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her team of dreams for the next  sham impeachment of President Trump.  Eric Swalwell who recently was in the news for shagging a Chinese spy is the noblest of her team members.

Pelosi is attempting to impeach President Trump for a second time on another lie leading to another unconstitutional abuse of power. Pelosi hates President Trump because he is for the American people and not China.  After stealing the 2020 election from the President, Pelosi wants to make sure President Trump knows she hates him.

Pelosi still has not released one testimony hidden in the Capitol archives from her last impeachment.  This is because this testimony with Deep Stater Michael Atkinson will totally unravel the corrupt first impeachment.

The Hill also had this to report: 

Swalwell’s prior experience in the world of foreign intelligence operations was limited to his role as a small-town councilman. Why then, you might logically wonder, was he assigned to the prestigious and sensitive intelligence committee? It wasn’t for his keen understanding of Russian tradecraft, that much we know. Think more along the lines of the business and philosophical interests of the China-groveling high-tech companies and socialist academic communities whose districts he straddles.

Ambitious, inexperienced, attention-seeking politicians are like marks for mafia loan sharks. At some point a payment has to be made and the interest on the loan is ugly. Eric Swalwell had an ugly payment week. His carelessness with a Chinese intelligence operative looks far more substantive than the Russia collusion unicorn he so publicly insisted was real. Now he has to pay nasty interest on his glaringly public hypocrisy. If you’re going to draw attention to yourself, check what’s in your own leaky backpack first.

Rep. Swalwell has become a fascinating case study. Set aside the hypocritical folly of a mostly inexperienced congressman — even though it’s wicked good clickbait — because there’s far more at play here to which we as a free nation need to pay attention.  

Many on the political right would like a deeper investigation of Rep. Swalwell, and maybe even criminal charges. Even in the unlikely event such could be done, it would be a pyrrhic gesture that would detract from a very real and much larger threat. Swalwell was and still is a legitimate target of Chinese intelligence. But he is most probably not a spy. And he is not the only U.S. politician being targeted by the Chinese government, not by a long shot.


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