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China’s Plan To Destroy Western Nations Through Corona-Virus Lockdowns

The lockdowns initiated by the western nations of the world represent a new form of weapon for The Chinese Communist Party.


Have you ever read The Art Of War by Sun Tzu? 

President Trump studies it, but that is not what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about the authors. 

That’s right. 

The Chinese are some of the greatest military strategists the world has ever known. They have been around for thousands of years, and are masters of winning through never firing a single shot. 

I’m not trying to spread fear…..I am simply stating the facts; we are up against an enemy that is far older, and has way more experience than us in terms of grand strategy. 

Their newest tactic is to use our own compassion for human life against us. None of us want our neighbors, the elderly, or ANY of our fellow Americans to die. So what do we do? 

We close everything down in an effort to save our fellow Americans from a virus that has a 1% fatality rate. This is EXACTLY what the CCP wanted, and we have played right into their hands. 

These shutdowns have MASSIVELY benefitted the CCP’s geostrategic and economic objectives, but do not take my word for it; as always please review the evidence and come to your own conclusions.

Take a look: 

The Red State Observer had more on the story: 

A group of distinguished citizens from around the world that includes U.S. attorneys Michael Senger and Stacy Rudin, as well as retired Brigadier General Robert Spaulding released an open letter to the FBI last week calling for an investigation into what they’ve termed “China’s Global Lockdown Fraud.”

According to the group, the idea that locking down does anything whatsoever to control the spread of a virus is nothing more than pseudo-scientific snake oil invented and pushed on gullible or complicit Western officials by China’s Communist Party leaders to get us to destroy ourselves.

Far from trying to help the rest of the world by insisting we had to lock down in response to COVID-19, the signatories claim the heretofore unheard-of idea of quarantining healthy people was, in reality, part of a CCP military attack using what two of China’s top military strategists have described as a “new concept of weapon” that can be as insubstantial as a rumor on the internet to get America and other Western nations to voluntarily self-destruct without firing a shot.

The Brookings Institute had more on China's belt & road initiative: 

President Xi Jinping of China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in a pair of speeches in 2013.  In Kazakhstan, he outlined a vision of restoring overland trade routes from China to Central Asia and Europe — the ancient “Silk Road.” In Indonesia, he introduced the concept of a “maritime Silk road,” which is essentially the already well-traveled sea corridor South from China to the Middle East and Europe.  In seven years of implementation, the initiative has become quite controversial, especially in the West.  

The controversy is fueled by a lack of transparency that makes it difficult to get reliable information on the financing involved in the initiative, as well as the specific projects and their terms. There are a growing number of academic efforts, however, to collect and analyze data on BRI, with a consistent set of findings.

Despite the name, the program is global, not confined to the specific corridors.  It is primarily a program to fund infrastructure.  About two-thirds of the financing goes to power and transport.  Total funding has been on the order of $50-100 billion per year.  Most of the loans are in dollars on commercial terms that are more generous than developing countries can get from private investors, but much more costly than funds from Western donors or the concessional windows of the multilateral development banks.  

A number of major clients of China are well-known pariah states such as Iran or Venezuela.  But overall Chinese financing across countries is uncorrelated with measures of democracy: in other words, other major borrowers are democracies such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, or Brazil.


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