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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Reveals Why Congress Talks A Big Game, But Won’t Act On Big Tech Censorship

The Democrat representative detailed the simple reason why our politicians talk a big game, but have failed to act.


Tulsi Gabbard is one of the few Democrats I actually respect. 

She is honest, has served in the military, and takes a no-nonsense approach to the far-left nonsense peddled by her own party. 

Now she is calling out representatives in government for being slack on the issue, and the reasoning is quite simple. 


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Plain and simple, these politicians have sold us out to make a buck. 

Check it out:   

The Red State Observer had more on the story: 

Conservatives have been calling for a reform of tech company power for some time, including the reformation of Section 230. Moreover, politicians talk a big game about coming down on these tech companies but never really seem to move on their threats or declarations.

Ever wonder why? Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard will tell you.

Gabbard sat down with the Daily Caller and revealed just why politicians seem to freeze when it comes to acting against big tech and the reason is simple and predictable; it all boils down to money.

The Washington Times also had this to say: 

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Silicon Valley is fomenting division and planting seeds for future wars thanks to members of Congress who can’t resist Big Tech’s big bucks.

The Hawaii Democrat told The Daily Caller this week that many politicians give lip service to changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act up until the moment they’re face-to-face with Google or Facebook’s lobbyists.

“If you look at the history of wars and conflicts in the world, both the ones the United States has been involved with, as well as the ones that other countries have been involved with, in every one that I can think of, there is always this precursor of dehumanizing the State or people or the entity that you intend to wage war or conflict against in order to make it somehow more appetizing or more plausible to your base or your support because then people will have less empathy for those who will fall victim to this conflict or war because you have already dehumanized them to say that they’re less than or they are not anyone that you can relate to at any level,” Ms. Gabbard said Monday.


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