VIDEO: Troops Posted On Every Corner…7,000 Troops Deployed In Washington, D.C.


Did you ever think you’d see America like this?

Troops stationed on every corner like an occupying force.

The only question is….are these the good guys or the bad guys?

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Have the Black Hats deployed them as their start to totalitarian rule, or is it perhaps to keep the peace while Special Ops are ran by the military?

Will we FINALLY see the arrests and unsealed indictments we have been talking about for years?

Take a look:

7,000 troops in Washington D.C.

— Tommy Robinson TommyRobinson Saturday, January 9, 2021

More video saved to Rumble.

From our boots on the ground reporter:


So what do you think?

Pretty surreal images.

That sure looks like MILITARY to me.

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