Petition To Declass Everything and Deploy The Military Gains Hundreds of Thousands of Signatures!


Fellow Deplorables…..

Are we all in agreement on this?

No more waiting.

Trending: Mike Lindell Notes From Meeting With President Trump Were Captured By The Media, Included “Insurrection Act” “Trigger Emergency Powers” And More!

No more talking.

No more “second chances”.

No more passivity.

It’s time for action!

LEGAL action to be clear…..

If CONgress won’t act…

If the Courts won’t even take the cases….

It’s time to explore other options.

Mr. President, you have the power.

Declass everything!

Deploy the Military.

Use your 2018 Executive Order.

Use the Insurrection Act.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Still Support President Trump?


If you agree, please add your name and support here:

SIGN THE PETITION: Mr. President…Declare The Insurrection Act, Use The Military, And Arrest ALL The Traitors! Do It Now!

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