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Media Hypocrisy Takes Center Stage as They Suddenly Discover the Words “Riot” and “Mob”

The media are hypocrites. They have ignored looting, arson, violence, mobs, riots, and murder for all of 2020. Now they claim they care because it suits their needs.


I suppose some sort of congratulatioins are in order, as the mainstream media, as well as democrat politicians, have suddenly broadened their vocabulary.

Despite looting, arson, violence, riots, and mobs being a staple of the year 2020, they just never really grasped the definition of the words.

Last year, news anchors stood in front of burning buildings and described the riots in Minneapolis as “mostly a protest and not generally speaking, unruly.”

Others dimissed the word “riot” completely.

They claimed that Antifa were “principled anti-facists” taking a stand.

Nancy Pelosi famously said that “people will do what they do,” when asked about left-wing mobs toppling statues.

Yes, according to democrats and the media, everything violent far-left extremists did last year was all just fine.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the magic of the informaton age…

Supercut of media hypocrisy in 2020

Here are some hypocritical chirons and tweets from the media.

Of course the hypocrisy was worse than that.

Democrats like Maxine Waters, openly called for violence against her political enemies.

Here's Maxine Waters calling for the harassment of Trump officials.

Others just threatened to "burn it all down."

How can anyone take these people seriously anymore?

They are not just hypocrites.

They are liars.

they are traitors.

They are the enemy of the people.


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