Arizona Election Results Are Officially Objected By Rep. Paul Gosar And Ted Cruz


It has begun!

The joint session of Congress has come together to vote on Electoral College Votes and Arizona’s Electoral College results have already been objected to.

In a monumental decision, Rep. Paul Gosar stood up when Vice President Pence asked does anyone object to Arizona’s Electoral results, right after he stood up Senator Ted Cruz stood up and testified that he signed Gosar’s objection.

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After the objection, Congress erupted in applause for the two members of Congress that chose to stand up for truth.

Watch the moment it happened, it was truly an iconic moment:

Fox 10 News shared these details:

Republicans from the House and Senate have objected to the counting of Arizona’s electoral vote, forcing votes in both chambers on Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

The objection was made by Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar and was signed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Both are Republicans. The two chambers now have two hours to debate the challenge.

Watch the moment it happened again, it was truly an iconic moment:

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It looks like this certification process will go longer than expected.

Considering Congress gets two hours to debate to any states that have been objected by at least one Representative and one Senator.

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