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Trump Confirms: Massive Amounts of Never-Before-Seen Evidence Will Be Presented on January 6


A few days ago, we reported that Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller said that the team wants to present “specific evidence” to Congress on January 6.

Miller suggested that this specific evidence was never-before-seen evidence.

They want to present it directly to Congress and the American people.

This would prevent the media and the Democrats from being able to sweep it under the rug.


President Trump himself has CONFIRMED that this is the plan!

Trump tweeted:

Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!

Have you noticed how confident Trump has been?

All the signs of something BIG coming have been there for those who are willing to pay attention!

The White House has not given anymore details as to what the evidence will be.

However, Jason Miller, one of Trump’s closest campaign advisors, did give a few hints to Newsmax.

WBAP News confirms:

Specific examples of voter fraud will be presented Jan. 6 if debate is held on the 2020 election results, according to Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller on Newsmax TV.

Electoral College ballots are scheduled to be certified during a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6. Miller said evidence presented there would be different than that in the legal battles President Donald Trump’s campaign has fought in the courts.

“Any of the [court] dismissals have been on process,” Miller told Carl Higbie on Tuesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“So, let’s talk about Wisconsin where Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani is leading the legal team, actually filed a Supreme Court case this afternoon that said that we’ve identified over 50,000 ballots in the state of Wisconsin that were cast unconstitutionally.”

The Trump’s campaign fight in Wisconsin has centered on ballots that were cast by people who should not have been allowed to vote.

“Article II of the Constitution makes it very clear, the state legislatures, and state legislatures alone, set up the voting systems for each state, the codes and the way they are conducted,” Miler said. “And what we have here is we have over 20,000 ballots that were cast without actually having a application on file, the mail ballots. Wisconsin’s very clear, very specific you got to have an application on file.”

Miller said Wisconsin also allowed ballot harvesting and “6,000 or so of these ballots that we believe were just completely null and void from people who never should have been able to cast them.”

He then cited “suitcases of ballots” found in Georgia, the campaign’s inability to “inspect the machines” in Arizona, and Michigan where “they’re running through ballots multiple times.”

“These are the specific types of evidence we want to present to the American people on the national stage and not allow local politicians to sweep it under the rug,” Miller said.

A group of congressional Republicans led by Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, are suing Vice President Mike Pence to prevent him from confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Miller said the 1887 Electoral Count Act designates the vice president as the official to preside over the meeting. He then hopes one representative and one senator join together to objecting to the Electoral College vote, allowing two hours of debate.

Just take a look at President Trump’s tweets below.

Does this sound like someone who has given up?

Or someone who is willing to fight?!

President Trump continues to promote the major January 6th rally.

Why would he be urging his supporters to go to DC?

Unless there was a major upset in the pipeline!

The truth will always be revealed!

The Post Millennial has more details on Trump’s hints of what is to come:

In a tweet Friday, President Donald Trump announced that “Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!”

On January 6, there will be a massive “stop the steal” rally in Washington DC. Trump promoted the rally on Twitter. “The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C., will take place at 11.00 A.M. on January 6th. Locational details to follow. StopTheSteal!” Trump tweeted.

The President made the comments in a retweet of a statement by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), following an announcement last week that Hawley would object when Congress convenes to certify the vote of the electoral college in January.

Both houses of Congress will meet next Wednesday to count the electoral votes and make certify the election.

Hawley said his objection will focus on “the failure of some states, including notably Pennsylvania, to follow their own election laws,” as well as the “unprecedented interference of Big Tech monopolies.”

In his statement Hawley cited, “Democrats in Congress objected during the certification of electoral votes in order to raise concerns about election integrity,” in both the 2004 and 2016 elections and noted that, “They were praised by Democratic leadership and the media when they did.”

Hawley is calling on Congress to launch a full investigation of potential fraud and election irregularities and enact election integrity measures.

Are you still standing with President Trump?

Be sure to share this article with your family and friends.

The fight is NOT over!

We need everyone standing strongly behind President Trump to ensure that his rightful victory is confirmed!

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