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New Prophecy From Robin Bullock: “Stop Worrying, See I Have Set a Surprise!”


This is a great new interview and prophetic message from Robin Bullock.

We’ve covered Robin here at WeLoveTrump several times before.

I first learned of him when he went on Sid Roth’s show.

I have that link for you down farther below.

And I’ve been following him ever since.

He recently went on ElijahList and I thought it was an incredible interview.

First he tells us about his history and gives his story on how he became a Christian and then how he started to give prophecies.

I thought it was so funny when he says it wasn’t until later when he got into some organized religion circles and people started telling him he “wasn’t supposed to be able to hear from God” that he realized what was going on.

He thought it was normal!

And indeed it should be.

Then he really got going and explained what is coming next.

Robin joins the list of prophetic voices like Mark Taylor, Bill Johnson, Katt Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau and so many others who are all holding firm even as we sit here on January 1, 2021.

They are holding firm to what they are confident God told them…..that Trump wins this election.

Not that he wins in 2024.

Not that he has some sort of “symbolic win” or some other nonsense.

No, they say he won by a landslide and it will soon be exposed and confirmed.

Please enjoy this message, I think you’re gonna love it:

And here is the backup of the same video, from YouScared.

But I’m listing the Rumble version first up above so we give the views and traffic to RUMBLE and not BoobTube!

And if you want even more from Robin, check this out.

These are so powerful where both he and Hank Kunneman say we are headed for a “Red Sea Moment”.

Robin Bullock does an incredible job explaining it all:

And here’s the interesting thing….

Robin isn’t the only person making this connection.

Hank Kunneman talks about it here:

So where does that leave us?

You have to ask, if history is playing out the Exodus story the same way all over again in 2020, then what comes next?

Where are we in the story?

It seems to me like we are at the point where the Israelites have fled Egypt, but Pharaoh is in pursuit.

Israel has come up upon an immovable barrier….the Red Sea.

They look trapped.

They look like sitting ducks waiting for the slaughter.

They look like all is lost.

Until….the Red Sea Moment.

Until Moses lifts up his staff and slams it down into the ground and something that has never before happened in all of history suddenly happens.

The Red Sea parts and the Israelites walk through it, just enough to cross and then it floods back in, drowning the entire Egyptian army.

Their bodies and weapons then float up to the surface.

Is that what we are about to see?

As the MSM anoints Joe Biden the President, it appears Trump has lost.

All is over.

No way to win.

All the court battles are lost.

Until…..the Red Sea Moment.

Until God steps in and brings the miracle.

And not only do we cross to the other side, but the enemy is wiped out!

I’m not hoping that is coming next, I’m TELLING you it’s coming next.

Watch and see.

Stand strong, take heart, and keep fighting!

Trump wins.

God wins.

And here is even more….

Watch this:

And in case YouScared takes that down, I have a backup.

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From Rumble:

If you want more from Robin, here are 3 other videos we have covered here at WeLoveTrump.

The Red Sea Moment is coming!

Take a look:



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