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WOW: We Are Replaying Every Event From Moses & Egypt and Heading For The Red Sea Moment!


I think this is going to blow your mind.

It did mine.

Robin Bullock shared recently on Sid Roth about a prophetic timeline that started in 2012 and is playing out before our very eyes in 2020.

It mimics the story of Moses in Egypt and ends with a Red Sea moment.

Now I know what some of you are thinking….ok sure, maybe a few things taken out of context or twisted to fit something so a preacher can make a good sermon.

I get it.

So I’m just going to show you and let YOU decide.

Everything I’m going to show you are documented mainstream media sources and you can Google each one of them yourself.

Here’s the first one, in 2012 the Beirut River suddenly and mysteriously turning blood red:

Ok, ok, that happens from time to time.

Let’s keep going.

In 2014, the same thing happens to the largest river in China:

In 2013, the locusts start.

In “Biblical proportions”:

That grows to a “Biblical scope” in 2020:

Here’s where it really starts to get good.

Because a lot of that you can say ok, we’ve seen swarms of locusts before and red rivers.  It happens.

Buckle up….

Next came the “Golden Calf” straight out of Occupy Portland:

Here’s a full video of it:

Moving to even more bizarre, how about a Fire and Ice Storm?

For those who don’t remember, that would be reminiscent of the 7th Plague from Egypt.

Oh and not to mention it happened on Passover:

Not done yet!

Then in 2019, we have the St. Mary’s River turning blood red:

And the locusts return in “Biblical proportions”:

And an Earthquake in Turkey turning another river red:

Ok, now these last two are where it really gets good.

Up until now, you could say these are all just weird natural phenomena.

Weird but probably some explanation.

Ok, I’ll give you that.

So what comes next in the story after the plagues?

The Death Angel.


And what did they do in Egypt to make the Death Angel “pass over” their houses?

They put red blood on the doors.

Well, here’s the 2020 version:


And then the last one, which I think just puts it over the top.

Remember how odd it was when suddenly on Facebook everyone was posting pictures of their “first born”?

Yeah, I seem to remember another story where the “first born” was very important.

Oh right, in Egypt during the plagues with Moses!

You can’t make this stuff up folks, behold the “Firstborn Challenge”:

If you want to hear even more, watch this.

Robin Bullock does an incredible job explaining it all:

And here’s the interesting thing….

Robin isn’t the only person making this connection.

Hank Kunneman talks about it here:

So where does that leave us?

You have to ask, if history is playing out the Exodus story the same way all over again in 2020, then what comes next?

Where are we in the story?

It seems to me like we are at the point where the Israelites have fled Egypt, but Pharaoh is in pursuit.

Israel has come up upon an immovable barrier….the Red Sea.

They look trapped.

They look like sitting ducks waiting for the slaughter.

They look like all is lost.

Until….the Red Sea Moment.

Until Moses lifts up his staff and slams it down into the ground and something that has never before happened in all of history suddenly happens.

The Red Sea parts and the Israelites walk through it, just enough to cross and then it floods back in, drowning the entire Egyptian army.

Their bodies and weapons then float up to the surface.

Is that what we are about to see?

As the MSM anoints Joe Biden the President, it appears Trump has lost.

All is over.

No way to win.

All the court battles are lost.

Until…..the Red Sea Moment.

Until God steps in and brings the miracle.

And not only do we cross to the other side, but the enemy is wiped out!

I’m not hoping that is coming next, I’m TELLING you it’s coming next.

Watch and see.

Stand strong, take heart, and keep fighting!

Trump wins.

God wins.


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