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Here’s the Video Twitter Removed of a Nurse Allegedly Getting Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) from COVID Vaccine


A heartbreaking video is going viral on social media.

A nurse filmed herself getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

When she received the vaccine, she developed Bell’s Palsy.

For those not familiar with the medical term, Bell’s Palsy is facial paralysis.

That’s right: the Nashville nurse is no longer able to move one half of her face.

But the story gets worse.

The video was posted on Twitter to warn the public about the risks associated with the vaccine.

And you can guess what happened next…

Twitter has appeared to have REMOVED the video, according to claims from social media users.

Fortunately, the video is still on YouTube.

Please watch it and share it before the Big Tech oligarchs decide to take it down!

In case that first video gets deleted, here is a backup copy.

The Bell’s Palsy side effect is not a secret.

It has happened in the clinical trials and is well publicized.

However, the media has appeared to go on an apologist tour for the vaccine.

Take a look at Very Well Health’s headline: Bell’s Palsy in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials: Why You Shouldn’t Worry.

The article states:

Reports released from Pfizer and Moderna show that seven COVID-19 vaccine trial participants experienced a type of facial paralysis, called Bell’s palsy, in the weeks after vaccination. This rare side effect, in tandem with three reports of severe allergic reactions, has raised some alarm about the safety of the new vaccines.

An analysis of the number of Bell’s palsy incidents reported so far, however, shows the rate is no higher than the number of people who experience Bell’s palsy in the general population.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Bell’s palsy affects about 40,000 people in the United States every year, which is 0.01% of Americans.1

In the Pfizer-BioNTech clinical trial, which included 44,000 participants, 4 people reported experiencing Bell’s palsy, which is 0.0091% of participants. The incidents were reported 3,9, 37, and 48 days after vaccination. No cases of Bell’s palsy were reported in the placebo group.2

In the Moderna clinical trial, which included 30,400 participants, 3 people reported experiencing Bell’s palsy, which is 0.099% of participants. One person was in the placebo group. Among the three not in the placebo group, the Bell’s palsy incidents were reported 32, 28, and 22 days after vaccination.3

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) briefing documents provided by Pfizer and Moderna indicate these rates of Bell’s palsy “do not represent a frequency above that expected in the general population,” the FDA recommends surveillance for Bell’s palsy as the vaccines are distributed among the general population.

For anyone who does experience Bell’s palsy, the condition is treatable. Oral steroids, especially if administered within 72 hours of symptom onset, are highly effective at restoring nerve function.

Shouldn’t we be concerned about potential side effects?

Isn’t that the point of clinical trials?

To prove to the public that the vaccine is safe?

It doesn’t help build trust either when social media decides to start banning certain videos but refusing to “fact check” other claims.

The CDC website itself confirms that Bell’s Palsy is a risk.

That’s right: you could potentially suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS from the vaccine… which is protecting us from a virus that is 99% survivable.

According to the CDC:

Cases of Bell’s palsy were reported in participants in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider these to be above the rate expected in the general population. They have not concluded these cases were caused by vaccination. Therefore, persons who have previously had Bell’s Palsy may receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

To be clear, we are not making any claims that are not already verified by the authorities.

But how much have you heard the media talk about these side effects?

People should have the FREEDOM to take the vaccine if they WANT to.

But it shouldn’t be forced on anyone!

And people should have all the details and information regarding the safety of the vaccine before taking it.

It’s just common sense!


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