Hank Kunneman: “The Trap Has Been Set!” (12/22/20)


I wanted to bring you another update from a man I consider to be one of the best prophetic pastors in America, Hank Kunneman.

He speaks with a Holy Boldness and it’s wonderful!

Kunneman recently went on Flashpoint along with Mike Lindell and he dropped some major bombs.

Trending: Mike Lindell Notes From Meeting With President Trump Were Captured By The Media, Included “Insurrection Act” “Trigger Emergency Powers” And More!

He is standing absolutely firm that President Trump won the election and that he WILL be vindicated as the true winner.

He is also confirming that not only will Trump win but a trap has been sprung that will ensnare the people who tried to steal this election and this country.


Backup here….

From Rumble:

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That was an edited version.

If you want the full version so you can hear Mike Lindell’s incredible story, I have that for you too.

Right here:

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