Patrick Byrne Explains What REALLY Happened In His 4.5 Hour Oval Office Meeting


I’m on record as being a big Patrick Byrne fan.

He’s a genius, probably to the level of being a little autistic.

He’s a unique character, a maverick, a man who doesn’t back down from anything and a man who fiercely loves America.

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He’s also the founder of, so he’s a wildly successful businessman and entrepreneur.

In other words, he reminds me a lot of President Trump.

Two weeks ago, most Americans didn’t even know his name but now he’s meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office for 4.5 hours.

And he’s not happy with what he’s seeing from our President’s “advisors”.

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Listen as Byrne talks with another favorite of mine, Dr. Dave Janda.

This is great, please enjoy:


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