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Congress Royally Screws the American People with $600 Breadcrumbs While Handing BILLIONS to Foreign Countries


Crazy Nancy, China Mitch, and their corrupt Congress cronies spent 9 months arguing about how much money average, hard-working Americans deserve during a pandemic.

How much exactly?


One-time $600 checks to most Americans and a $300 weekly boost to federal unemployment benefits.

For a $900 billion piece of legislation, that’s pathetic.

Small businesses are being systematically destroyed, people are losing their life savings, and plunged into poverty.

But Congress grants the peasants a few hundred bucks after 9 months.

These people are worthless.

This doesn’t even consider the long-term economic ramifications of printing nearly a trillion dollars in fake money from the Federal Reserve.

That’s for another discussion though.

Digging deeper into this so-called stimulus bill has revealed something else appalling.

Congress plans to send billions to other countries in foreign aid.

Are you serious?

There are millions of Americans suffering at home and you stuff money into the pockets of foreign governments?


Here are some of the countries apparently receiving financial benefits from the “stimulus” deal:

Both sides of the aisle are rightfully furious about this.

The majority of those in Congress want average Americans to rot.

While people like Pelosi snack on gourmet ice cream:

Thomas Massie with a good laugh. One of the few decent Congress members left.

I also took the liberty to do some basic math on this “stimulus” bill worth $900 billion.

The population of America as of 2020 is around 331 million.

$900 billion divided by 331 million = ?

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About $2,719 for every American man, woman, and child if this legislation was actually for Americans.

A two-parent household with two children would receive $10,876.

I’m not knocking any other country, but our Congressional representatives have a duty to the American people first.

And they are absolutely worthless.

If for some reason this garbage passes, President Trump should veto it.

No matter how much heat he takes from Democrats & RINOs.


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