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The Tyranny Of Fragility: The New Psychological Disorder At The Root Of The SJW Victimhood Tantrum

Researchers have identified what they believe is a new psychological disorder, which amplifies feelings of revenge and victimhood in the minds of the affected


I was talking with my friend Benjamin Preston the other day and he dropped a brilliant term on me:

“The Tyranny Of Fragility” 

He was referring to the cry-bullying, and various temper tantrums leftists constantly exhibit, in an attempt to force the rest of the country into bowing down to their absurd whims. 

Researchers now claim that, they have identified a new personality disorder which has all the revenge filled-crying, kicking and screaming of leftist snowflake ideology. 

This of course is nothing new to science, as psychologists have found in numerous studies, that left wing beliefs tend to be highly correlated with neuroticism and other mental illnesses.

Check it out: 

Psypost highlighted the psychological findings: 

A new personality construct has been defined that describes people who persistently see themselves as victims within interpersonal conflicts. The research was published in Personality and Individual Differences.

Study authors Rahav Gabay and team describe how the social world is satiated with interpersonal transgressions that are often unpleasant and seemingly unwarranted, such as being interrupted when speaking. While some people can easily brush off these moments of hurt, others tend to ruminate over them and persistently paint themselves as a victim. The authors present this feeling of being the victim as a novel personality construct that influences how people make sense of the world around them.

The researchers call it the Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood (TIV), which they define as “an ongoing feeling that the self is a victim, which is generalized across many kinds of relationships.”

The Red State Observer was not afraid to comment: 

Here’s some news: As it turns out, there’s a bunch of people in the world who think of themselves as victims.

Even though they aren’t.

If you own a TV, you may have come to such a conclusion multiple times a day.

But now it’s been declared by people you can always trust: researchers.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, a brand spanking paper published in Personality and Individual Differences reveals a newly-defined type.

Wanna see if you qualify?

On a scale from 1 to 5, rate your level of agreement with the following:

It is important to me that people who hurt me acknowledge that an injustice has been done to me.

I think I am much more conscientious and moral in my relations with other people compared to their treatment of me.

When people who are close to me feel hurt by my actions, it is very important for me to clarify that justice is on my side.

It is very hard for me to stop thinking about the injustice others have done to me.

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