L.Lin Wood: I’m 105% Confident, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani Have The “Smoking GUNS” To Prove Trump Won HUGE!


You may have missed this interview because it was on a show called Howie Carr which is not that well known (yet) but boy oh boy was it big!

Bulldog attorney L. Lin Wood went on the show and he answered every question, and you’re gonna like his answers!

When asked if he was still as confident now that Trump would win as he was a week ago, he said he is now 105% confident!

Trending: Lin Wood: “The evidence is there, no one is speculating…the election was stolen and it WILL be undone!”

In other words, more so!

Then when asked point blank if the Trump Team had the “smoking gun” he said no, not the smoking “gun”….he said he’s seen smoking “guns” plural.


But that wasn’t all.

Next Howie Carr asked him what the remedy is after all the fraud is exposed.

“You can’t just throw out the whole election and have a new one, can you?”

Well, turns out that is exactly what may happen.

All the details below:

Watch the FULL interview here:


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And if (when?) Youtube deletes that video, I have a backup.

It’s too good to miss.

Watch the backup here:

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