Lin Wood: The Entire Election May Need To Be Scrapped and Redone!


I don’t use the word “bombshell” very much.

In fact, I have a rule at WeLoveTrump to NOT use that word in articles because I think it gets used WAY too much.

But there’s no other way to say this…..Lin Wood just dropped a BOMBSHELL and almost no one is reporting on it.

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On the Howie Carr show he was asked what the remedy is after all the fraud is exposed.

“You can’t just throw out the whole election and have a new one, can you?” asked Carr.

Well, turns out that is exactly what may happen.

“Yes” replied Lin Wood, that’s exactly what may have to happen!

All the details below:

Watch the FULL interview here:


And if (when?) Youtube deletes that video, I have a backup.

It’s too good to miss.

Watch the backup here:

That wasn’t all.

He was also asked if the Trump Team truly has the “smoking gun”.

No, replied Wood…..they have smoking “guns” plural.


Watch the FULL interview here:

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Backup here:

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