Trump Wins Alaska And It’s Three Electoral Votes


Trump wins the biggest state of them all Alaska!

Well, at least the biggest state by size anyway.

Decision Desk HQ, AP, NBC News, CNN, and Fox have all declared President Trump the winner of Alaska.

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As we all know the media doesn’t say who wins a state or not, but rather the electoral college does on December 14th.

That being said Trump has such a dominant lead in Alaska it’s inevitable that all three electoral votes will go to him.

The New York Post covered Trump’s win and added these details:

President Trump was projected to win Alaska by NBC News and CNN on Wednesday, but the three electoral votes he collected still put him far behind President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump leads Biden 56.9 to 39.1 percent with 75 percent of the vote in Alaska, which Trump was long expected to carry.

The AP added this tidbit to Trump’s win:

President Donald Trump has won the state of Alaska.

The Republican nominee was awarded the state’s three electoral votes, pushing his Electoral College tally to 217.

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The reason  Alaska was delayed and has just been called now is that the state decided not to count absentee ballots until November 10th.

The rule to push back the counting of absentee ballots was made to make sure voters didn’t try to vote twice.

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