Pro-Trump Activist Bevelyn Beatty And Multiple Proud Boys Were Stabbed In D.C.


The far-left has once again targeted Trump supporters.

It was reported that pro-Trump activist Bevelyn Beatty and the founder of  Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio were stabbed last night in D.C.

The suspects are still on the loose and have not been identified by the police although Enrique Tarrio said the suspects who stabbed him and Beatty were BLM demonstrators.

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Beatty was stabbed in the back and the two other victims were stabbed in the neck and ear.

Everyone that was stabbed is currently in non-life-threatening conditions.

The stabbing was caught on film the video below contains graphic content:


Fox 5 News covered the stabbing in D.C and added these details:

Officials say three people were stabbed overnight just blocks from the White House. Officers say three men and a woman were stabbed around 2:30 a.m. in the 1400 block of New York Avenue. Detectives are looking for three suspects in the stabbing. All injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening.

Activist and pro-Trump supporter, Bevelyn Beatty, claims she was one of the stabbing victims involved in the incident. Beatty made the claims in a live Instagram post to her account early Wednesday morning.

The Daily Mail didn’t stay quiet and reported the stabbing too:

Police are searching for a mob believed to be members of Black Lives Matter who stabbed three Proud Boys last night in Washington DC after members of the extremist group celebrated Donald Trump’s claims of ‘victory’ by making white power symbols in bars in the city.

DC Police Lt. Ralph Neal said the three Proud Boys were stabbed and injured in the early hours of Wednesday in Northwest by three suspects believed to be members of BLM, according to WUSA9.

Metropolitan Police Department told Wednesday two adult males and one adult female sustained non-life threatening injuries but said they could not verify any specific affiliation of the suspects.

Two of the Proud Boy members injured in the knife attack have been named as the group’s chairman Enrique Tarrio and prominent member Bevelyn Beatty – the black woman who notoriously defaced and painted over the BLM mural outside Trump Tower in New York City in response to nationwide demonstrations calling for racial justice.

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