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Election 2020 – Here’s What We Know So Far The Morning After


We all woke up to quite a mess this morning.

If you’re like me, you stayed up late last night watching the results come in.

Even as late as 1am and 2am, it was looking really good for Trump.

Even the financial markets and betting markets (and the betting money is NEVER wrong) were all factoring in a Trump win.

Then around 3am or 4am some really weird stuff started to happen.

Suddenly, Biden jumped to leads in states it looked like Trump had won.

Vote counts in red states were suddenly stopped because workers had to go home, meanwhile in blue states they would often call the results for Biden with only 10-20% of the vote in.

Like this:

Did anyone else see that?

With only 4% reporting and Trump with a 69% lead, they thought they’d just call Virginia for Biden.


Arizona was one of those states they called very early for Biden, and now stories are emerging of red voter suppression:

ABC even covered it:

From ABC News:

Several voters have expressed concern that the marker used to fill out their ballots may have caused them difficulty voting in this year’s election.

ABC15 received several messages on Election Day and into Wednesday that many polling places offered Sharpies to those voting in person. However, there were reports that some Sharpie-filled ballots were not counted, while others who used ballpoint pen had no issues.

According to the Maricopa County Recorder’s website, “voters at home may use ballpoint pen in black or blue ink or a sharpie.” The only warning was against “red and red-adjacent ink.”

The website also stated that “Vote Centers use fine tip sharpies as they have the fastest drying ink, therefore preventing smudges when put through the Vote Center tabulation equipment.”

ABC15’s Nicole Valdes spoke with election officials before the election and learned that even if ink bleeds through your ballot, it will not impact the count. Kathren Coleman, the former deputy recorder for Maricopa County, said if you had any concerns or made any incorrect marks, voting centers would have provided you with a new ballot.

And this from PA:

And this from WI:

Then you have all the red states where Trump was starting to win big, and they just stopped counting the votes.

Not normal:

Trump says it was a “Big Win” and he will not allow the STEAL.

He said he’s heading to the Supreme Court if necessary:

Watch this from Trump:

As Hannity always says, when they tell you who they are….believe them:

Folks, sometimes you can’t just tell people, you have to show them.

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Is that what we have in play here?

Did President Trump set the ultimate plan to trap them in voter fraud and then expose it for the whole world to see?

I’m starting to wonder.

What do YOU think?

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