President Trump Wins In Millsfield, New Hampshire The Birthplace Of Voting At Midnight


It may be a small victory but a win is a win!

The election is all wrapped up in Millsfield, New Hampshire declaring President Trump as the winner.

President Trump had a total of 16 votes to Biden’s 5.

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Millsfield, New Hampshire started their midnight voting tradition in 1936 but ended it in the ’60s.

Luckily it was revived during the 2016 election.

MSN covered Trump’s win and contributed these details:

President Donald Trump held a total lead of 6 votes over Democratic nominee Joe Biden after the first votes of 2020 presidential election were reported in two small New Hampshire villages early on Tuesday morning.

Trump won a midnight vote in the village of Millsfield by a 16-5 margin, while Biden had a 5-0 victory in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Trump’s Millsfield win echoed the 16 votes he received in the village in 2016, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton receiving four votes and Sen. Bernie Sanders getting a single vote. Clinton won the 2016 Dixville Notch vote, getting four votes to Trump’s two. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and former GOP nominee Sen. Mitt Romney each had one vote.

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Last week Trump visited New Hampshire where he was met with massive crowds.

This vote in the small town of Millsfield is a reflection of that.

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